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Best apps to buy crypto ?

Now that you know what the heck crypto is, it's time to take action and start investing a little bit of your (extra/saved) money (step by step for a start, yes) in your favorite crypto projects.

You may not know yet which crypto to invest in, so I highly suggest you to do your own research. A fairly easy way is for you to go on coinbase website and start reading each day about a new coin, starting at the top with bitcoin and then going down the list. Don't overwhelm yourself. Learning one coin per day is already very good.

As I already got the question a few times, I personally own a few parts of BTC, ETH and LUNA coins. These three crypto have each a strong and pretty stable project behind them.

As I am no expert in crypto and I am learning as I go, I mainly own these 3 coins thanks to my brother Kevin, who was smart and lucky enough to have successfully made a great amount of money with his previous business and his crypto investment. I trust him with closed eyes as not only he is my brother and he is known to do all he can to help people get closer to financial freedom like he did, but also because he is one of the rare guy I know who has been studying and still closely studies the crypto market since the past few years now. His personal investment results speak for himself.

No one can predict the future and investing is at our own risks, but if we never try, we will never know and I really don't want to be part of the FOMO crowd.

Soooo, here are some of the best apps to buy crypto and where you can find the ones I own (in no specific order):




Hope this helps !

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions ! :)

Big hugs,


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I write blog posts in order to inspire and motivate Millennials & Gen Z women to invest in themselves and their future:

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