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Best platforms for us to stay updated on the latest crypto news ?

Are there any platforms for us to stay updated on the latest crypto news ?

For example Twitter ? Instagram ? YouTube ? Google ? Your own page ? Let us know !

👉🏽 Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions.

We teach you how to start investing for and in yourself. 😊


The best way to get the latest crypto news is Twitter, which we call “Crypto Twitter”. But it’s not something we think you should do. Something you should do, is to educate yourself on crypto. So for that, you can for example subscribe to Coin Bureau on YouTube, which is an amazing crypto education channel. Or you can go to and subscribe to their crypto newsletter for free. Because if you follow the latest news, you are going to be caught up in the noise and you’re going to be stressed out massively, resulting in becoming a less good investor. What you want is to understand the basics, to understand why you are investing in crypto and then you want to kind of forget about it, just making sure the fundamental stay strong and stay the same but not the latest crypto news. 🎬 @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista by Disclaimer:

Our content is about education, not financial advice.

These are our only official accounts. Please ignore any other account(s) pretending to be one of us, use your common sense. We will never contact you first, ask you any questions or send you any DM or email asking you to click on any links!


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Hi ! Coucou ! Hola !

I am Cíndy, a 32yo Swiss Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger since 2016.


Ex-Wedding & Events Planner across the globe, I am now working as Creative Digital Consultant & Coach at my own small biz CocoStories Agency.


I write blog posts in order to inspire and motivate Millennials & Gen Z women to invest in themselves and their future:

Financially, Mentally & Physically.

Proving & showing women in English, French and Spanish language that Crypto and Investing ain't just a geek guy thing!

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