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DIY Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream

Hello my Lovelies! Christmas is just around the corner and although I am not a big fan of the cold outside, I have to admit that the Advance month is one of my favorite of the year. And guess what? It has been snowing non-stop these past two days here in Switzerland and seeing all this white beauty inspired me to create this new and easy DIY Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream.

I had so much fun creating this funny and 100% eatable dessert while using my favorite Ice Cream from Mövenpick, the “Vanilla Dream” flavor as well as using a few other magical elements…

In this DIY Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream post, you will:

– Learn how YOU too can easily surprise your family and friends by creating a cute Snow Man ice cream dessert for your Christmas festivities.


– Discover the making off Video of me, making this crazy little project of mine with a few… difficulties?

Sounds cool right? So, let’s start, it is time for you to create your own Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream!

Here is what you will need to create your Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream:

mövenpick snow man ice cream

1) The Ice Cream

One pot of Mövenpick Ice Cream in Vanilla Dream flavor. For 2 to 3 portions you can use the 900ml pot, which is the one I used.

2) The Snow Man body

One ice cream scoop. If you have two different sizes of scoops, that is great as well because you can create a bigger Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream body and a smaller head.

3) The Hat

A marzipan Snow Man to take his hat. Alternative? You can also create a hat by using a flat biscuit and add a little chocolate on top on it.

mövenpick snow man ice cream

4) The Eyes

A pair of Sugar Eyes, which you can find at the cake section of your grocery store. Alternative? You can use the silver Sugar balls you would put on your Christmas biscuits or any other kind of cute sugar shape; stars, hearts, etc.

5) The Nose

One marzipan carrot. Just cut the tip of the marzipan carrot, so that your Snow Man’s nose is proportionate to is head.

6) The Mouth

You can either use a small spoon, to create the shape of the mouth or you can use the curvy tip of Vanilla Pod.

7) The Arms

One Vanilla Pod and one knife to cut it in two pieces.

8) The Buttons

Use any kind of cute and colorful sugar decoration; stars, hearts, etc.

9) The Final Styling Touch

Use Coconut flour to create the snow around your Snow Man on a nice plate. Add some winter white & light blue sugar decoration.

10) The Table Styling

Add some gold stars and Coconut flour around the plate together with some blueish sugar decoration.

Grab your scissors and go outside to pick some greens (Since I don’t have a garden, I went to “steal” some greens from my neighbors! Hope they won’t mind… hihi) Then, place the greens behind the plate and place a gold spoon on it.

Ensure you do all the Table Styling before you start making your Snow Man, of course.

The Tricky Parts?


It is definitely to place the head on top of the body part and of course to create the Snow Man before it melts. I had planned to have it standing up but after only two pictures, it fell on the plate and I screamed “Nooooooo”. Then, well… it still looked good when lying down on the plate and so I replaced his hat properly and continued photographing/filming my creation to be able to show it to you here!

My personal Advice?

mövenpick snow man ice cream

Be well prepared, organized and quick because it is ice cream and it melts faster than we think.

Additionally, I suggest you to have someone to help you to ensure all the “operation” is on point. In my case, I was alone to do it all, plus after the styling parts, I took pictures and filmed it all by myself… (Yes, I did sing that Céline Dion song by the way) so yes, better to be two and the fun will be duplicated too!

Discover the Making of Video!

There you go! You are now ready to surprise your family and friends by creating a cute Mövenpick Snow Man ice cream for your Christmas dessert.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream post! If you did please click on the HEART button below, it only takes you 1 second but means a lot to me. Wanna see more fun Styling inspo? Click here!

If you have any question/comment, please share it with me in the comments section below, I will be happy to answer you!

Thank you for reading/watching and I wish you lots of fun and a happy end of the year 2017!

Muaks, Muaks,



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