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How to Travel Flawless

8 Travel Beauty Tips when you are on the Go

Whether you’re traveling halfway around the world or taking the train for a sweet escape, traveling is a great way to meet people. Let’s admit it once for all, we girls all want to travel flawless! Cause yes, who knows, we might be meeting some handsome cutie pies on the way to our destination and may start a lovely journey together!

So to ensure you will always travel flawless, here are 8 of my favorite travel beauty tips to help you look your very best when traveling.

1) Cream it up!

Hydrate your skin by applying a cream the night before and on the day you are going to travel. This will help you feel at ease during your journey despite the strong and dry air-conditioning and the cabin pressure if you are flying.

2) Primer + Foundation = ½ Travel Flawless

Here I suggest you two options which will vary on your mood to travel flawless. You can either skip your foundation routine and only use moisturizer or you can decide to wear a primer and then your foundation. If you pick this latter option, which personally is my favorite way to go, ensure to put on your primer first, which is a silicone-based cream or liquid that sets a protection between your skin and your makeup.

If you follow this easy process, both your foundation and blush will last longer and cherry on the pie, by putting primer + foundation you will help keeping your skin well hydrated.

travel flawless

3) Pack Your Beauty Essentials

If you are traveling outside your country, I would highly recommend you to take your high-end beauty essentials with you, because if you don’t, once abroad you may have to spend much more money for the exact same products. Of course the amount will depend on the country you are heading to but if you have some space and weight left in your luggage, why not simplify your life?

travel flawless

4) Avoid Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Now for many years flying around the globe, I always wore my favorite MAC lipsticks. I used to think it was great because it is long-lasting, so I would look good during a 14 hours flight without having to retouch my lips. Although it helped to travel flawless for a few hours, my lips would become all dry and I ended up with a parched mouth when landing. So girls please, don’t follow my previous “lipstick long-lasting theory” and instead, use a lip stain to color your lips by adding several coats, let dry, then apply your transparent gloss. To ensure you travel flawless, reapply the gloss during your journey and once you landed, you will look really fresh and pretty!

travel flawless

5) Mascara is a big No, No!

Have you ever worn mascara during a long journey? Feeling confident, thinking you look super pretty until you see your face in a mirror? Trust me, I feel you girls! Here again you have two options: avoid wearing mascara and cream eye shadows while traveling or opt for beautiful Lash Extensions. Although loving your natural lashes is the easiest way to go, having Lash Extensions on will however truly ensure you travel flawless!

6) Keep Your Hands to Yourself

When traveling, chances are you are siting where other people seated before and they might have left some unwanted germs. Thus, to minimize getting sick or developing skin problems, avoid touching your skin while traveling. If you want to apply makeup while you are in transit, I would suggest you to use an antibacterial hand wash to firstly moisturize your hands. This latter will ensure no bacteria gets to you and will get you one step closer to travel flawless too.

7) Sleeping-Travel Beauty

One can hardly resist to the temptation of falling asleep during a long trip. Hence, if you’re going to nap during your journey, apply your night cream around your eyes and then use a sleeping blindfold. Some airlines company such as Qatar Airways offer blindfolds and blankets which makes it really easy and cozy to fall asleep, even in economy class!

travel flawless

8) Braid on the go!

Whenever I go for a long trip, I braid my hair on the side as this helps me to avoid looking like I just put my fingers into a plug full of electricity. Jokes apart, I always keep my dearest brush in my handbag and avoid touching my hair during the journey. Although my friends know this latter is a super huge challenge for me! Now, by braiding your hair, you will not only keep it well in place but also you will land with gorgeous wavy hair and that’s the way to travel flawless you pretty ladies out there!

travel flawless

What are your secrets to travel flawless? 

Muaks, Muaks



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