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I only eat with Gold flatware

Hello my Lovelies! Today I am back with some events styling tips to show you how small details can make quite a big impact when it comes to your celebrations’ tableware. One of the things I enjoy styling the most when I organize a brunch or dinner celebration is the table. The reason why I like this part so much is that it is often the smallest details in a table setting that make the overall look and feel of your event, a memorable and stylish one.

A few years ago, when I was still working as a Wedding Planner, I realized the importance of having nice cutlery, glassware and tableware beautifully set on the weddings’ tables. We often underestimate this part as we would rather focus on a specific napkins fold or the number of wine glasses we need rather than thinking of finding stylish pieces which will not only be useful to drink and eat but will also bring the WOW effect to our tableware. Although there are many styles, one of my favorite is gold flatware has I feel like it is the perfect option to add a little spark to a brunch or dinner celebration. I personally even got some pretty ones for my home, which I got at Zara Home and I love to use them when inviting my family or friends over (And of course eating my Pistachio ice cream in front of my TV watching Bridget Jones after a tough day at work! Joking… or not).

I really love the beauty and sophistication touch that gold cutlery adds to a table. Another reason why I like it so much is that it is super versatile and works within any color palette. If you still are not convinced yet that gold flatware will make your brunch or dinner tableware stylish and one to remember, just have a look at the inspiration and styling ideas in this post. I am sure you will want to try this trend in little to no time!

Hope you girls enjoyed this new events styling post. If you did, please click on the heart button below, it takes you less than 1 second but would mean a lot to me! & for more event styling inspo, there you go!

Thanks so much for reading and I see you my Lovelies again soon on the blog for some exciting and fun new posts!

Muaks, Muaks


Photo credits: Pinterest


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