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KENZO X H&M Collection Private Event

Hey my lovelies, hope you had an amazing first week of November! As some of you might have seen via my social networks, on Wednesday evening, 2nd of November, I attended the KENZO X H&M private event party held in Geneva (Switzerland) with my lovely friend Daniela, who is also a Swiss Blogger. We were both super excited although a bit confused too as this KENZO X H&M Collection surely is rich in color and prints, making these outfit not always super easy to wear on a daily basis…

A Colorful & Animal Prints Celebration at KENZO X H&M Event

KENZO X H&M Collection

So around 5pm we met in front of H&M and there were about 150 invited VIP guests queuing already. As I got there a bit earlier I was kind of acting as an “Information Desk”… ha ha (I must look nice somehow) Answering curious people what these red-pink-fuchsia carpet, barriers, suit up security guys, professional photographers and this excited crowd was all about… and why the heck none-invited peeps were getting  rejected at the entrance of H&M with the answer that they had to come back the next day instead. It was FUN, to be part of the guests for once and not on the organizers side. Once we got in, the H&M staff was beyond kind and welcoming! Truly amazing young and talented people! We got to the first floor and got delicious finger food, Cosmopolitan and Champagne served infinitely (we remained sober don’t you worry!) Then the SUPER FUN part started…

KENZO X H&M Collection

KENZO X H&M Collection

Roaring at Women’s Craziness

Around 5:45pm we started to feel the tension and over excitement of some of our lucky VIP’s buddies! The staff got behind the barriers, briefing each other on how to act and stuff. It was fun for me to see them do what I usually do for a living and for once not having any stress about it, cause it wasn’t my responsibility for once! So Daniela and I were laughing a bit, wondering why the staff was acting as if they were about to manage a mini black Friday crisis…

Well, well, well… The barriers that separated us from the famous KENZO X H&M Collection finally opened and my God I laughed and freaked out at the same time so badly!

Have you also been watching all the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S more than once like I did? Yeah?! Well do you remember the episode about Rachel and Phoebe queuing for an entire night and then go crazy over bridal dresses, SNATCHING the dresses from a crazy chick who had just snatched that dress from another crazy gal? Well my lovelies… that is EXACTLY what happened in front of us during the KENZO X H&M Event in Geneva! And it was hila- wait for it-rious, simply and purely hilarious! So yeah I thought, why not play the game as well! 😉 I did not snatched I promise, but I picked a bunch of colorful articles, without really looking what it was but rather focusing on the sizes. I felt like I would have some time to try the outfits later on and this strategy actually worked very well.

KENZO X H&M Collection

I am so bad, sorry not sorry

Talking about playing the game, I could not stop laughing as when I was about to put back a stylish jacket on the trail (because well, yeah, I looked like a potato bag, so it did not look cool on me at all…). So, the second I was… abbbb-ouuuut to put it back, two crazy chicks tried to aggressively snatch it from me. So as I did not wanted to buy it at all… I naturally pretended I would totally buy it! Cause the demand for this “funny potato shape” jacket was too high to just make these two chicks happy! I am so so bad, seeing their frustrated faces was too damn good! Okey, just about 10 minutes later, I left the jacket somewhere else and made a sweet, kind and respectful lady happy! Call it KARMA.

KENZO X H&M Collection

The KENZO X H&M Collection

Now, the KENZO X H&M Collection is really fresh, colorful and really jungle printed style. Fashionistas can find their dream pieces in this collection but I feel like Asian and Africans would definitely be the ones who would totally rock the KENZO X H&M Collection! At first I wasn’t sure of getting anything but then eh! I was one of the super lucky ones to attend this private event, so I literally could not leave without a “souvenir”! Clap, clap, That’s smart MARKETING @KENZO & H&M! I ended up falling for a black T-shirt with a rocky-jungle print on it.  I will probably style it with a leather skirt, my fav’ fall 2016 black shoes, my Zara denim jacket and finish up this look with my favourite earrings jackets… I’ll see.

KENZO X H&M Collection

Anyways, a big big thank you once again to Bolero Magazine, H&M, Kenzo and my lovely fashion blogger friend Daniela for this awesome event!

What’s YOUR thought on crazy women and this KENZO X H&M Collection?

Now, what do you girls think about this KENZO X H&M Collection? And have you any funny stories to share on how you did what you had to do, in order to get your fav’ KENZO X H&M pieces before they were all gone?

Can’t wait to read about your KENZO X H&M Collection shopping experience! Hi hi

Thanks so much for reading my sweeties and enjoy your stay on the blog!

Muaks, Muaks


KENZO X H&M Collection


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