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  • What is crypto ?

    💪🏽😊 👉🏽 I can’t count the number of times I got this DM lately: “WHAT THE HECK IS CRYPTO? 🥰 So, What the heck IS CRYPTO ? will tell you if a crypto is durable or not The more the project is useful in the crypto space, the ✌🏽😘 🔑 Crypto ain’t just a guy thing ! 😉 Ps: learning most of this crypto stuff thanks to my brother @crypto.with.kev !

  • What is crypto and web3 ?

    What is crypto and web3 ? Hey guys! I am really excited to officially start sharing our knowledge and personal experience in crypto and web3 with you, so that we can all win this crypto game together! Stay tuned for more Crypto, NFT's and web3 content, in collaboration with @crypto.with.kev See you again

  • Avoid this big crypto mistake !

    WHAT’S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU HAVE DONE IN THE PAST WITH CRYPTO ? So, we can ALL learn from it ! Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. The biggest mistake you can do in crypto is to be greedy by for example buying crypto on leverage. Thus, we highly suggest you to avoid buying crypto on leverage, to avoid going through this tough lesson too. 🎬 @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista by Disclaimer: Our content is about education

  • Best apps to buy crypto ?

    Now that you know what the heck crypto is, it's time to take action and start investing a little bit of your (extra/saved) money (step by step for a start, yes) in your favorite crypto projects. You may not know yet which crypto to invest in, so I highly suggest you to do your own research. These three crypto have each a strong and pretty stable project behind them. As I am no expert in crypto and I am learning as I go, I mainly own these 3 coins thanks to my brother

  • Should I trade my crypto ?

    .💰 Now, take these facts and apply them to #crypto . . 👉🏽 As counter intuitive as it sounds, the best crypto investors are those who regularly buy (say weekly or monthly) and NEVER SELL. 👉🏽 You are tricking yourself if you believe that crypto markets these FACTS, successful investing becomes pretty much a no brainer: just BUY regularly your favorite (crypto think they can make money with short term trading. ✌🏽😊 Source and content in collaboration with @crypto.with.kev

  • Ne trade PAS tes cryptos !

    Bienvenue à nouveau à la Question de la semaine sur les investissements en crypto-monnaies pour les débutants Les raisons pour lesquelles tu ne devrais PAS trader tes cryptos: 1) Si tu trades, tu vas sous-performer au lieu de simplement acheter tes cryptos, les laisser faire "des bébés" et les conserver à long terme Tu vas essayer d'entrer et de sortir de ces marchés de crypto-monnaies 24h/7j, qui sont très volatiles Nous avons uniquement 1 compte chacun sur Instagram: @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista , tous les autres

  • C' est quoi la crypto ?

    "Crypto info for women beginners" La crypto, les NFT's, la blockchain, le web3... en crypto ou en stocks, pour ton avenir. Alors, c'est quoi la crypto ? La crypto, c'est "simplement" de la monnaie digitale ! La crypto est toujours associée à un projet... Sa crypto token: FTT Plus le projet est utile dans le monde de la crypto, plus il peut se développer.

  • Quelles applications d'échange de crypto et quels portefeuilles pour acheter de la crypto ?

    👉🏽 Question et réponse de la semaine sur la crypto pour les débutants, basées sur VOS questions. 😄 En crypto, vous avez besoin de 3 choses : 1) Vous avez besoin d'une plateforme échange, vous pouvez donc utiliser les apps Coinbase, Kraken ou FTX, pour acheter et vendre de la crypto. 2) Ensuite, vous avez besoin d'une plateforme de prêt de crypto, donc en gros, Celsius Network ou Yield App, où vous allez envoyer vos crypto pour gagner du rendement ou des intérêts sur votre crypto. 3) Enfin, vous avez besoin

  • Évite cette grosse erreur en crypto !

    QUELLE EST LA PLUS GROSSE ERREUR QUE KEVIN A FAITE DANS LE PASSÉ AVEC LA CRYPTO ? Question et réponse de la semaine sur la crypto pour les débutants, basées sur VOS questions. La plus grosse erreur que vous pouvez faire en crypto, c'est d'être trop gourmand en achetant par exemple des crypto avec un effet de levier. Ainsi, nous vous suggérons donc fortement d'éviter d'acheter des crypto à effet de levier, pour éviter

  • Why you should NOT trade your crypto!

    Welcome back to your Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. Here’s why you should NOT trade your crypto : 1) If you trade, you are going to underperform just simply You are gonna try to get in and out of these crypto markets, which are very volatile and it’s gonna completely @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista by Disclaimer: Our content is about education, These are our only official accounts: @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista Please ignore any other account

  • Which crypto exchange apps and wallets can you all recommend us to use for us to buy crypto ?

    👉🏽 Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. Here are the 3 things you need in crypto: 1) You need an exchange, so you can use Coinbase, Kraken or This is to buy and sell crypto. 2) Then, you need a crypto lending platform, so basically, Celsius Network or Yield App, where you are gonna send your coins to earn yield or interest on your crypto. 3) And then And this is basically to track your portfolio evolution in time. 🎬 @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista

  • Russia / Ukraine war : What does it mean for crypto ?

    Russia / Ukraine war : What does it mean for crypto ? Crypto is an alternative system that is apolitical and borderless. This does not mean that crypto markets should pump in the short term though. You can watch the full podcast video interview here: Follow @crypto.with.kev for daily info about crypto amazing interviews with the world's biggest crypto leaders and CEO's !

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