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  • What is crypto ?

    💪🏽😊 👉🏽 I can’t count the number of times I got this DM lately: “WHAT THE HECK IS CRYPTO? 🥰 So, What the heck IS CRYPTO ? will tell you if a crypto is durable or not The more the project is useful in the crypto space, the ✌🏽😘 🔑 Crypto ain’t just a guy thing ! 😉 Ps: learning most of this crypto stuff thanks to my brother @crypto.with.kev !

  • What is crypto and web3 ?

    What is crypto and web3 ? Hey guys! I am really excited to officially start sharing our knowledge and personal experience in crypto and web3 with you, so that we can all win this crypto game together! Stay tuned for more Crypto, NFT's and web3 content, in collaboration with @crypto.with.kev See you again

  • Avoid this big crypto mistake !

    WHAT’S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU HAVE DONE IN THE PAST WITH CRYPTO ? So, we can ALL learn from it ! Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. The biggest mistake you can do in crypto is to be greedy by for example buying crypto on leverage. Thus, we highly suggest you to avoid buying crypto on leverage, to avoid going through this tough lesson too. 🎬 @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista by Disclaimer: Our content is about education

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  • Home | Bellezarebel

    Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based... portefeuilles pour acheter de la crypto ? recommend us to use for us to buy crypto ? 👉🏽 Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. Cíndy Coco Follonier - @Cocorebelista Apr 5 2 min Ne trade PAS tes cryptos !

  • About | Bellezarebel

    Proving & showing women that Crypto and Investing ain't just a geek guy thing ! This blog is about my own experiences with crypto investing, personal development, my personal life, mine and which relate to my style and the main topics I cover on my Blog and Instagram ​ Investing / Crypto

  • | Bellezarebel

    Join my Crypto for Women Beginners Community Subscribe to be one of the first girls to learn about my

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