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Let's work together !

As a Professional Content Creator and Blogger, I work with like-minded people and brands sharing similar values as mine, since 2016. 


I team up with marketing agencies, brands and various businesses, helping them gaining visibility by creating and sharing high quality and authentic digital content about their services/products on my Instagram account @cocorebelista and here on my blog.

If you believe your brand, project or marketing campaign has a great potential to match with my personal branding and values, I look forward to read from you ! :)

Contact me :


- I receive many partnerships enquiries each week and I can only accept a limited amount of brand partnerships per month.

- I prioritize my own content in order to protect my community from too much ads.

- I will only get back to you if your brand is a great match with my values and if you have a budget, as I do not work for free or just against products.

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