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3 Swimsuit Brands that will put a smile on your face!

Hello beautiful soul! Although we are already in September, summer clearly isn’t over yet, so let’s talk about…bikinis! For way too many years we girls have been only wearing two-pieces bikinis as it was a great option to tan and let’s admit it, most bikinis were stunning compared to one-piece swimsuits which weren’t really fashionable and were mainly designed for little girls and elderly women. Thus, by having to show that much skin, most of us often felt uncomfortable when at the beach and we wouldn’t truly enjoy the moment. However, this summer 2016 the One-Piece Swimsuit magically became one of the coolest trend of the year and to be honest with you, I could not hide my excitement! So there you go, here are 3 swimwear brands which will set a smile on your pretty face in 2016, making you rock your next day at the beach like Be-yon-cé!

1) Feel Classy & Pretty with Oroblù

coco rebelista

I discovered this fresh and colorful Italian brand just a month ago and really wish I had heard about it before! Like many of you, I always “secretly” try to look as pretty as a mermaid and feel as comfortable as a fish in the sea when spending a day at the beach and this is exactly how I felt when wearing my Oroblù One-Piece Swimsuit! Now Oroblù is not specialized only in swimwear but also in underwear, sandals & more and if there is one thing this cool Italian brand understood, it is how to make a woman feel confident, gorgeous and comfy all at once!

Three other things that I love about Oroblù’s One-Piece Swimsuit is that 1) it shapes your body which makes you look thinner, 2) you can wear it in many different ways and 3) cherry on the pie, they are even two-sided!

So basically, you can go on a weekend gateway and only pack one swimsuit but wearing it as if you had a new one every day and this is pretty cool I must say! On top of that the quality is excellent and Oroblù is affordable compared to some other beachwear Italian brands. So if you are looking for a swimsuit that boosts your confidence and makes you look classy, Oroblù One-Piece Swimsuit is your way to go and you don’t forget to finish up your beach look with a colorful Oroblù Pareo and super comfy Gold & White Sandals.


2) Feel Sexy & Cool with Boohoo


Boohoo is for the cool and hipster souls out there! If you are looking for a 90’s trendy, fun & sexy beach look, Boohoo’s One-Piece Swimsuit will be your perfect match! You will be able to find many One-Piece Swimsuits with a sexy V-shape and fun quotes or words printed on.

To finish up this beach look, wear your Boohoo One-Piece Swimsuit with a High Waist Skinny Jeans, grab your favorite sunglasses and don’t forget to put your favorite Choker on!

3) Feel Irresistible with Triangl

Triangl Estella Sorbetto

Now although one-piece swimsuits are my absolute new favorite, when I decide to wear a bikini to get some proper tan, it better be one that is beautiful and that’s why I fell for “Estella – Sorbetto” from Triangl’s New Summer 2016 Collection. I am still pinching myself as I have been offered a collaboration this Summer with Triangl to join their awesome “Triangl Girls Team” so for this occasion, I am sharing with you the love I have for this brand since its debut in the beachwear industry as well as my addiction to their stunning SS 2016 Collection!

This new collection is really fresh, colorful and full of beautiful flower prints. I was a huge fan of their “classic” neoprene bikini a year ago but then felt like it wasn’t really funny to be on a beach and hear every 2 minutes “look you girls are all matching…”! However, this time Triangl’s Summer 2016 Collection has much more models and shapes to choose from and whether you are skinny or curvy, you surely will be pleased with their new collection!

What about you? Have you fallen for Bikinis or One-Piece Swimsuits this Summer 2016?

Muaks, Muaks



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