Clinique X Marimekko: A Collaboration Designed to Shine

Hola Chicas! It is time for me to tell you ALL about the latest colorful makeup limited edition made by one of my favorite brands, Clinique, well known for its original collaborations and its latest collaboration is no exception.

Do you remember the dreamy collaboration Clinique made with interior designer Jonathan Adler last year? Well what if I told you Clinique is back with a super stylish and colorful new Collab, this time with Marimekko, a Finnish design house founded in 1951 and celebrated worldwide for its prints and colors.

Why am I SO excited about this collaboration? Except that the packaging looks awesome and that I get to try PUNCH POP A47 (pink) and PASSION POP A56 (red), two of their limited edition lipsticks? Well, it is because both Clinique and Marimekko were founded by pioneering female entrepreneurs #whorunstheworld? who wanted to create products that encouraged women to be audacious and embrace their uniqueness.

clinique marimekko
clinique marimekko

This Clinique X Marimekko collaboration has resulted in an amazing mix between Clinique’s everyday beauty essentials and Marimekko’s unique graphic patterns.

To sum up, this collaboration is all about women empowerment and makeup! Which women would not be seduced by this #girlpower concept?

Clinique X Marimekko

The Clinique X Marimekko limited edition is made of two lip products, declined in 30 lipsticks and glosses coming in colorful heaven design packages.

Clinique X Marimekko Pop Splash Lip Gloss and Hydration are coming in 20 water-light shades for your lips to shine without sticking.

Clinique X Marimekko Lip Colour and Primer are coming in 10 juicy shades for your lips to feel comfortably moisturized but with a velvety-smooth finish and bold color.

Clinique X Marimekko

The Clinique X Marimekko Limited Edition Collection is now available since February 2018, so it is time to grab yours and empower all the gorgeous women out there!

Muaks, Muaks


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