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“Whiten your Teeth with Natural Organic Coconut Oil and Get a Brighter Smile within Days”

Hello my Lovelies, welcome back on the blog! It’s been a little while since I haven’t shared a Beauty Review with you… So here I am today to share my latest beauty experiment. This time, I tried out an Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth by the famous German brand, Coco Bright.

This is the second review I am doing on teeth whitening products. My first review was on Alpine White and although it tasted a bit weird the first time I tried it, I must admit that I really loved it and am still using it now from time to time. Therefore, as I love to compare beauty products in order to find which ones are the best, I was pretty excited to try Coco Bright Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth.

coco bright

So first of all, Coco Bright Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth comes in three different flavors: Peppermint, Vanilla and Lemon. You can either buy the 1-month box which is the one I got (This latter one contains 14 little packages; 5 x Peppermint Flavor, 5 x Lemon Flavor and 4 x Vanilla Flavor) or get sachets (packages) with only one specific flavor.

Here is how Coco Bright works:

1) Warm the sachet in your hand, open it and squeeze the liquid into your mouth.

2) Swirl for 5 to 15 minutes (be patient, the magic is happening)

3) That’s it! Spit the liquid out and SMILE!

I love Coconut in every shapes and style and especially when it is Organic. Now, in terms of texture, it is a little bit weird at first but then it quickly gets better. However, I personally cannot keep the liquid much longer than 5-7 minutes because I don’t find it really comfortable to swirl for too long. This definitely is my personal feel and does not mean that for you it will be the same. We are all different, aren’t we?

Regarding the taste, I personally have a preference for the Lemon one, but here again, this is a very personal thing.

As I neither smoke nor drink coffee, my teeth are pretty white already but I must admit that my teeth got whiter after using Coco Bright for 1 week. The result is not immediate but if you are patient, you will be pleased with your whiter teeth!

If like me, you enjoy trying new products and are seeking to get a brighter smile within days thanks to the magic power of Organic Coconut Oil, you can get your Coco Bright Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth Set right here: Coco Bright Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth and Get 20% OFF on your purchase at the checkout by adding my Discount Code: BELLE 

coco bright

Curious to compare Coco Bright with Alpine White? Check out my other review here.

Hope you enjoyed this review! If so, feel free to click on the heart button below, it would mean a lot to me! ? Also leave any comments or questions you may have regarding my experience when trying COCO BRIGHT – Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth.

Muaks, Muaks



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