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Cryotherapy: I Tried it For You!

Hola chicas! SO happy to be back on the blog today with a new review many of you requested me to do on Instagram after seeing my Insta Stories. Here it is, you will finally discover all about my experience trying both Cryotherapy and Celliss Therapies at Frame by Sarah Battikha, a super stylish Medico-Esthetic Center, which recently opened in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.

Firstly, I would like to thank my lovely and talented friend, Sarah, for having warmly welcomed me to her beautifully decorated Medico-Esthetic Center in Geneva last Saturday in order to discover the treatments she offers at Frame.

This time, am happy to inform you that I will exclusively write this post both in English and French, as I got this request from you on Instagram. 🙂

Frame by Sarah Battikha

I met Sarah a few years ago, when we were both studying at Glion Institute of Higher Education. After her graduation, Sarah got a full time job at Dior and after a few months, she decided it was time for her to realize her own dreams. This led her to open Frame by Sarah Battikha in Geneva, with the help of her talented Dad, who helps her with all the medical aspects, while she manages perfectly all the esthetical parts on her own. #bossbabe

At Frame, you will be able to do Cryotherapy and Celiss, which I will both explain to you more in details in this post, as I started these two treatments last Saturday and am very positive about it. Additionally, at Frame, you can also do Microneedling Therapy, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma injections, which is by the way what our beloved Kim Kardashian did when you saw her with a bunch of blood dots on her face), Rejulight System, Medical Jet System and Peelings Skinceuticals.

I tried it for you: Cryotherapy

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We ALL heard about Cryotherapy at least once in our life and apparently, many of you have always wanted to do Cryotherapy in order to get rid of your small-accumulated body fat, which sticks to you no matter how healthy you are. Some of us get all the fat to stick to our stomach, while many others tend to get a bit of fat on their inner and outer tights or on the arms, etc.

Now, some of us have thought that maybe we should go under the needle to get a liposuction in order to get rid once for all of our fat cells, but most of us are scared to undergo such an operation.

Like many of you, I always had the wish to try Cryotherapy but never really knew whether it really works nor when I would actually take my phone to call and ask for more information to start the process. Thus, I was really excited when Sarah told me I could have my first session last Saturday to give Cryotherapy a try.

Here is how it works

Sarah asks you about your weight and the zone you want to treat and then, she measures your fat to see whether you have enough to be removed. Then, she takes « before » pictures of you and you are ready to sit back and relax. The next step is the moment she applies the machine on your body parts you wish to treat.

Personally, I decided to treat my belly zone, as I desperately want it to be flat. The treatment lasted 1 hour and during that time, the first 10 minutes felt a little bit strange, as I could feel the pressure of the machine gently “grabbing” my extra belly fat to squeeze it. But no crazy pain, don’t you worry child!

The temperature of the machine firstly goes up to 41°c, which feels like a bit hot (of course) but it does not burn nor hurt. However, I must admit that the first minutes I was like: “OMG what on earth am I trying again!”, but then once the machine reached that degree, it slowly starts to cool down, all the way till it reaches 0°c. From that moment on, I stopped feeling the machine on my skin thanks to the thermal shock and was happy to spend the next 50 minutes just relaxing, while my belly fat was freezing and crying haha, without me feeling any pain at all.

At the end of the 60 minutes, my first Cryotherapy session was over and I felt good. Sarah removed the machine from my belly and I got left with two little sunshine prints, which meant that the treatment worked very well on me. My skin was a bit red and still cold, but nothing bad at all.


To end my first Cryotherapy session, Sarah massaged my belly a bit to untighten the treated zone. I felt great but of course, changes are not apparent right away. I will need to wait 6 to 8 weeks to see the results of this session and then will need to go do only two more sessions to get the best results. In total, you can make up to 3 sessions maximum in order to fully get rid of the fat but the great news is that very often, only 1 session will be enough! Isn’t that amazing news?! Now, it is true that this is an investment as 1 session costs you 600 CHF but hey, who would not spend bewteen 600 CHF to 1’800 CHF (max) in the situation Cryotherapy REALLY works, leaving you without any fat excess on your treated body zones?

Now, as I said, it is way too early for me to tell you whether yes Cryotherapy is worth it and works or whether nope, it does not work… Just be a bit patient… if you are like me, I know it is REALLY hard to wait, but give me some more weeks and I will keep you posted on the results of the Cryotherapy on me, so that you can take the first steps to start your Cryotherapy journey too and make that sticky fat cry out loud. J

After my Cryotherapy session, Sarah proposed me to try a “magical machine” called Celliss, which belongs to Sarah as well and she actually has the full exclusivity in Switzerland on this particular Celliss machine that helps all of us ladies to fight against our worst enemy, cellulitis and this, without feeling ANY pain at all. Actually, Celliss is the only machine that exists, which is capable to treat 5’000 cm 2 of our body at the same time, while massaging it dynamically, yet leaving you with less cellulitis after 5 to 10 sessions, feeling really relaxed. Isn’t that awesome?

For those of you who are too impatient, feel free to contact Sarah. She will be happy to answer all your questions. And for the others, stay tuned and keep an eye on my blog and my Insta Stories these next weeks to discover my first results!

Hope you enjoyed this new review and I see you girls back on the blog soon for new exciting posts to come and the updates on my Cryotherapy results!

Muaks, Muaks,


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