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Discovering Qiriness for a Spa day at home

Hello my little beauties! Today, I am happy to present you Qiriness, a French brand specialized in skin care and spa at home products, which I recently got the chance to try out thanks to its Swiss launch at MANOR and online.

I received 9 products in total and did not have the time yet to try all of them, however, I can already tell you that I have a few favorite ones, which are truly perfect for both a daily use and a Spa day at home with your Mom, Sisters or best friends!


Let’s get straight at it, here are the products I ordered from Qiriness in order to test them before launching the Giveaway on my Instagram.


-1 Cleanser fresh gel – Really loving this cleanser too! Am really into cleansers lately because for way too many years I was not cleaning my skin properly. I did not realize how important it was when I was younger and most of all, how goooood it feels to have such a perfect clean face!

-1 Divine lotion – Big crush for this one as it’s super fresh and feels amazing on the skin right after having used the Cleanser fresh gel.

The 3-step at home program

-1 Wrap Exfolys (scrub without grains, basically the one you can see on the main picture above)

-1 box of Herbal Facial Steam Bath (for steam bath)

My girlfriends and I had a great time trying out these 3 products. We started with the wrap cream which feels great on the skin and really does scrub gently. We looked quite funny with the wrap texture on our faces! I should have taken pictures but we were enjoying our time too much for that! Then, we used one after the other the steam bath (using the Marrakech smell), it was a pure delight. After the steam bath, we applied the extreme moisture balm mask and had some funny discussions about life and girly stuff, all this while watching Sex and the City. Super cliché I know, but we had a blast!

Daily Cares

Ok, now, NO KIDDING my dears, because these 3 anti-age daily cares have become an important part of my daily skin routine. Especially because I am clearly freaking out that in less than a year I will have turned 30 years old… Now, although I have another serum which I love and I first need to finish before using the one from Qiriness, I have already tested it and it seems great.

From these three daily cares, I have a special crush for the age-defy smoothing cream. The smell is quite nice and the texture is quite thick, which is great because we don’t have to apply a lot in order to have this cream making magic on our skin.

As for the eye care, it’s doing great too around my eyes and am happy I found it. Let’s see now if on the long terms it reduces the dark circle well.

There you go my lovelies, I wish you good luck for the Giveaway and I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this great discovery of Qiriness daily and spa cares, now available online and at MANOR in Switzerland.

Thanks for reading and I see you again on the blog soon!

Muaks, Muaks,



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