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I Tried Essence Makeup Lipsticks and Made my Wallet Smile

Hey my Beauties, hope you are doing well today and are not getting to sadden by the very little hours of day light we get in our lovely north hemisphere! It’s been a little while since I shared some beauty tips and tricks on the blog, so I am excited to share my Essence Makeup Lipsticks Review today with you!

As you know, I am neither a Makeup Artist nor a Blogger who mainly focuses on Beauty Products Reviews, because there are plenty of girls out there who already do this very well. However, it’s no secret to you that I love to try out beauty products, while hopelessly seeking for “La crème de la crème” at a very affordable price. After all, aren’t we all secretly looking for that? So here is my “Straight to the Point” Review on the Essence Makeup Lipsticks I tried and happily adopted.

Essence Makeup Lipsticks

Are you a huge MAC and NARS fan? Me too! But do you also struggle adding some lipstick shades to your collection because it would hurt your wallet? I feel you! So why don’t you give a try to Essence Makeup Lipsticks just for once? You know, it is not because Essence Makeup Lipsticks price is cheap that its quality is too. If you still think so, no offence but that’s a total old school way of thinking and here is why:

Essence Makeup Lipsticks

Sorry for the bad quality of the above picture… I will get a real camera soon, I promise! 🙂

Essence Makeup Lipsticks are amazing, because they:

Are Affordable (Less than $3!)

Are the perfect dupes of many luxurious brands

Are long lasting

Come into many beautiful and trendy shades

Can be matt

Can be glossy

Don’t dry your lips

Don’t taste nor smell weird

Will be as good as your MAC and NARS lipsticks

Will grow your lipsticks’ collection, while making your wallet enjoying it

So come on, put that expensive and luxurious lipstick brand back and give a try first to Essence Makeup Lipsticks, you won’t regret it! 😉

Essence Makeup Lipsticks

If you enjoyed this “Straight to the Point” Review, stay tuned as there will be many other Makeup & Beauty Products “Straight to the Point” Reviews released soon on the blog!

Thanks Beautiful and feel free to like, share and/or comment this post, or laugh (always recommended and good for your health) and see you again soon on the blog!

Essence Makeup Lipsticks

Have a fun day!

Muaks, Muaks



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