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I tried it for you: MAC Studio Fix + Giveaway

Hello my Lovelies! Today I am back with a new beauty post, where you will finally find out more about my recent meeting with M·A·C Cosmetics. A few weeks ago, I have happily teamed up with M·A·C again this time to try their iconic Studio Fix foundation and am here now to tell you all about it.


🇨🇭 GIVEAWAY • CONCOURS • WETTBEWERB 🎁 I have teamed up with @maccosmetics to offer YOU: ✨ 3 exclusive Makeup Application (45min) with M•A•C + one Studio Fix Foundation. ✨ The 3 lucky WINNERS will come in-store to receive their perfect shade and get a full makeup look by a MAC Makeup Artist! 😍 🙋🏽 To enter this GIVEAWAY, it is really EASY: 1) Follow @maccosmetics 2) Follow me @cocorebelista 3) Comment this picture and tag 2 of your friends 👏🏽 That's it my Lovelies! Good luck and get ready to find your perfect #StudioFix shades! 🍀 ‼️ Please note that to enter this Giveaway you must live in Switzerland 🇨🇭 or plan to visit soon! 😉😘 ❗️ The 3 lucky WINNERS will be announced on Saturday, October 21. ⚠️This promotion is neither sponsored, endorsed, administered, associated with nor certified by Instagram Inc.

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Oct 15, 2017 at 11:05am PDT

The struggle to find our perfect foundation shade is REAL!

studio fix

I do not know about you my Lovelies but I slowly started to use foundation back in the days when I was around fourteen years old (Jesus, almost 14 years ago as well… that is seriously SCARY). The first foundation I ever got was the Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline, which in my memory blended quite well on my skin. However, whenever I am looking at the pictures of me in “teenager” version, I am often laughing out loud and wondering how I could possibly go out with the makeup I was putting on my face (you know, the purple and blue eyeshadows, remember?) and the strangest hairstyle colors I used to have. All this, thinking I looked cool and I guess… pretty with my orange skin and yellow-white neck?! Bahaha seriously, what was I thinking??? Ever since, I always found it SO hard to find a foundation that matches 100% my strange caramel-yellowish skin color and God I cannot count how many I have tried from various brands. I recently got one, which I liked from Urban Decay but it ends up looking too yellowish for my skin. So yes, I was quite “desperate” and super excited when M·A·C contacted me about a month ago to try their Studio Fix foundation.

Why Studio Fix sounds like our “orange skin color days” are OVER?

studio fix
studio fix

In order to celebrate their bestseller foundation Studio Fix (Fluid and Powder), M·A·C Cosmetics is creating some special moments in September and October 2017 and I have been selected amongst a few other bloggers worldwide to join their M·A·C Cosmetics Studio Fix Family.

But wait, what is this all about? Well, 25 years ago, Studio Fix was born and it quickly became a game-changing foundation that put M·A·C on the map. Today, many makeup artists, influencers and consumers fell in love with M·A·C Studio Fix because of its long wearing, perfect matte finish and broad range of 46 color Studio Fix Fluid true shades and its 53 color Studio Fix Powder. So, yes, how could we all possibly not FINALLY find our perfect match with THAT many shades to choose from?

My experience trying the iconic Studio Fix Foundation for YOU

Click on the video below to watch it. That’s the one I shared with you guys on my Instagram.

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Oct 3, 2017 at 12:04pm PDT

On September 30, I had an appointment at a M·A·C counter in Lausanne (Switzerland) were I had the pleasure to meet the talented Claudia Jacob (M·A·C Senior Event Artist Switzerland) who was going to be my Makeup Artist for the day. She warmly welcomed my photographer friend, Leticia, and I. The three of us felt comfortable the second we met (that is SO important when getting your makeup done) and Claudia is one of my absolute favorite Makeup Artist I have worked with so far, so it was a true pleasure to have her making me look pretty. Claudia started by asking me what type of makeup I had in mind; to which I just replied: “Anything you want, I trust you!”. SO glad I told her that, because not only she found my perfect M·A·C Studio Fix shade #C4.5 the second she saw me but also the final makeup result was fantastic!

Regarding the texture of M·A·C Studio Fix fluid and powder, I was greatly surprised because it is long wearing and it is true that it has a perfect matte finish. All this, without neither drying my skin nor making me look like I have tones of foundation on my skin. SO nice and I can proudly announce you that I am part of the #FIXFAM since I found the one!

M·A·C Studio Fix in 3 words?

Tried, Loved & Adopted!

A big THANK YOU to M·A·C Cosmetics for having me and for helping me finding my perfect Studio Fix true shade. By the way, if YOU, yes you, live in Switzerland and are looking for a Makeup Artist that will make you look like magic, look no further; I have found THE one: @claudia.jakob!

studio fix

Message for my lovely SWISS Readers:

You can participate to my Giveaway on my Instagram, where you can win 3 exclusive Makeup Application (45min) at MAC Cosmetics + 1 Foundation. The selected winners will therefore come in-store to choose the perfect shade guided by the MAC Makeup Artist and get a full makeup look.

Hope you Guys enjoyed this new “I tried it for you” beauty post. If you did, please click on the heart button below, it takes you less than 1 second but would mean a lot to me!

Thanks so much for reading and I see you my Lovelies again soon on the blog for some exciting and fun new posts!

Muaks, Muaks



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