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I tried Russian & Cluster Lash Extensions and got blown away

How great would it be to wake up flawless, do sport flawless and go to the beach flawless? I might have the solution to this right here and the winner is called, Lash Extensions!

‘Russian Volume Lashes’ and ‘Clusters Lashes’ are two must try in terms of lash extensions techniques. It will give you this pretty and sexy Bambi eye effect you have been trying to hopelessly get using mascara, but could never achieve. Oh yes, I can feel your frustration! So what are the differences between these two techniques and is it worth it?

The differences between the 2 techniques

Russian Volume Lashes is a multi-lash technique that creates volume to your lashes, by adhering up to 3-5 ultra-fine eyelash extensions onto each of your natural lash. It does take about 1 hour and a half depending on the effect you want to have (natural or voluminous) and depending on the beautician experience. I tried this technique when I was in Phuket and truly loved it because it was so soft, long and voluminous all at once but still looked natural and it did last for 4 weeks.

The other technique is my absolute favorite and is known as ‘Cluster Lash’ which consists of groups of 5 to 8 blunt-end cluster eyelashes tied together in a bunch. These cluster eyelashes instantly enhance fullness thanks to their multi-lash flare and they look more natural than certain falsies.

Another thing that I love about the ‘Cluster Lash’ is that it stays for weeks and the catch up is only S$10 when done at Milly’s. All this without having any lash falling and this technique somehow is the cheapest and fastest as it takes much lesser time to apply as lashes are already clustered together.


How to choose the right Lash Extension Salon?

As we only have two eyes and we all know how fragile they are, the idea of having something glued on your pretty eyes might sound a bit scary. Therefore, you must ensure that you get your lashes done in a well reputed place, where the hygiene is perfect and where they do not mind showing you pictures of their work on other clients. It is better to go to a place that charges you a bit more and that often updates its Social Media accounts with real pictures rather than to be seduced by a cheaper price, photo-shopped pictures and end up with red eyes because not only the glue is cheap but your lashes are glued together which makes it painful and might hurt your natural lashes. It is not easy to find a great place, thus make your research and you will be pleased with your Bambi eyes!

A few differences between Single and Cluster Lash Extensions

Back in Switzerland, I used to have the Single Eyelash technique for about 4 years which was really nice and looked more natural than clusters. However, in Switzerland Single Lash Extensions can be quite pricey (Find out more here). For some reasons which were not linked to my beauticians, I used to lose most of the single lash extensions after two weeks and had to catch up really often. Since I moved to Singapore, I tried two salons and personally find it hard to stop wearing my Black Diamond Cluster lashes since I gave it a try at Milly’s. This latter beauty salon is a well-known eyelash extensions place in Singapore.


Are these techniques bad for my own lashes?

I would lie to you if I would tell you that your own lashes remain super strong and healthy after having worn Lash Extensions, especially the Clusters ones as they can be a bit heavy if your lashes are really thin or short. Again, it all depends on the way you will take care of your extensions and also it is mainly linked to the Lash Specialist you went to. Thus, my tips to you would be to ensure you go to a real professional (not the cheapest) and then listen carefully to a few advice you will receive from them such as; avoiding water on your eyes during the first 24 hours, being careful when washing your face, not use any oily cream on your eyes and try to be careful on how you sleep too (this latter is not really mandatory but helps you to keep your lash extensions beautiful.  Then my last advice to you is that once your own lashes have grown a bit and you start getting annoyed with your cluster extensions, DON’T pull them of yourself (I did it and it hurt, I was stupid, don’t be). Instead go to your beautician and they will use the right product, which will avoid any damage or loss of lashes.

Now if you are in Europe, Australia, USA or anywhere else, you might want to Google Lashes Extensions salons in your country and check out their social media accounts and website. I am pretty sure they also offer the Cluster Lash technique, so go get your butterfly eyes now! 🙂

What about you? Have you tried cluster extensions yet? Do you like it or prefer the Single Lash Extensions?

Muaks, Muaks



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