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I tried Single Lash Extensions and broke up with my Mascara for goods…

Ever since I started to put makeup on, I was always searching for the absolute best mascara possible to achieve the famous Bambi Eyes look. Truth is, I felt cheated and disappointed by advertising more than once. I mean, if you look closer to any of this famous brands ads (I will not mention any out of respect), it is crystal clear that the lashes their famous models have on the pictures are an absolute beautiful pair of fake mink lashes or pretty Lash Extensions and this look cannot be achieved by this whichever brand new mascara promoted.

However, somehow these brands’ strategies are so good that even though you do pertinently know you will not get the same look, it still gives you the naive hope to get really close to it and you get excited to the idea you could be proudly saying to your friends: ‘Yes they are real!’.

Now, although there are mascaras that are better than others, you still have to put it on every morning, hoping it will not rain, or you will not cry or this or that and then at the end of the day, when you are so tired and cosy maybe already in your bed, you have to stand up and remove it all. This process is a circle and it just never stops!

As I am the type of girl who would much rather skip my morning makeup routine for a bit of extra sleep but still have to look all fresh and pretty at work, I found a solution that all of you have probably heard or seen already; I started to get the eyelash extensions and it changed everything! The first time I tried it was back in Summer 2013 and I got them done at Instant Beauté Esthétique in Payerne, Switzerland for the holidays. The result back then was not stunning but it did the work. At that time not many places in Switzerland were offering this service but now everybody does and that is when one must be extra careful on where they get their lashes done. I had some bad and good experiences over the past 3 years as the the one in Payerne left me with red painful eyes which ended up with almost no natural lashes left on my eyes. The glue this latter beauty salon used was terrible and the girl who did my lashes was as sweet as she was unfortunately not a Lash Extensions Specialist.

The other places I have tried during these past 3 years were great but I have a clear preference for two Lash Extensions Specialists in Switzerland and one based in Phuket, Thailand. The two Swiss Lash Experts, Noemi and Beatrice are both based in the city of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland and they are famous for enchanting your look and spark your life!

You can find my Top 5 here below. Feel free to have a look at their websites and check out my rating for each of these places for your review:

Top 3 Lash Extensions Specialists in Switzerland

N-Nails by Noemi Nesca – My rating to Noemi is 12/10, because her work on me has always been so outstanding that a 10/10 would not be enough.

Her price for the Single Lash Extensions is CHF 250 ($254) for the first time and then you can refill from CHF 60 ($61) or more depending how many weeks you wait until the refill. (Based in Bienne, Switzerland)


Lash Extensions made by Noemi at N-Nails, Switzerland

Institut de beauté Bea by Beatrice Costa – My rating to Bea is 11/10, because her work and service is purely amazing. She should probably be called “The Queen of Lash Extensions” as she has many years of experience and she not only does an excellent work but also she teaches this art to many.

Her prices are slightly more expensive than N-Nails as you will be paying CHF 280 ($284) for the first application and then refill starts at CHF 80 ($81). (Based in Bienne, Switzerland)

Elle & Belle Institut by Daisy – My rating to this beauty salon is 10/10. I got both my eyebrows microblading (See video below to see their work on my eyebrows) and lashes extensions done at this institute and I am very pleased with it. A great option if you live anywhere near the Leman Lake (Geneva Lake) in Switzerland as this institut is located in many Swiss French cities and they all have a brilliant reputation. The ones where I went to were in Montreux and Monthey. If you want a great and professional microblading artist, ask for Priscilla as she is a real pearl and thanks to her, my eyebrows tattoo got corrected beautifully (check it out in the below video) by making it look much more natural! This is my favorite place for microblading and a great place too for lash extensions.

Their prices are CHF 280 ($284) for the first time and start at CHF 70 ($71) for lash extensions refill.  (Based in Montreux and other Swiss French cities in Switzerland)

Top 2 Lash Extensions Specialists in South East Asia (Thailand & Singapore)

Vayo Massage by Sara – My rating to Sara is 10/10 too as her work is absolutely stunning! Sara is based in Thailand and she and her team are your one-stop beauty and massage specialists in Patong, Phuket. Whether it is the lash extensions or any other services, you will be the happiest and most satisfied person if you have it done at Vayo!

Their prices are really great and you can get Single Lash Extensions from THB 1500, which is the equivalent to $42,55. (Based in Patong, Phuket, Thailand)


Lash Extensions made by Sara at Vayo Massage, Phuket, Thailand

Milly’s in Singapore – My rating to Milly’s is 8/10 because once you leave the institute you look absolutely gorgeous and like a doll but the service there is not one to remember. Since I moved to Singapore, I really missed having lash extensions on, especially that the weather here is so hot that I just don’t feel like wearing any makeup at all. Thus, I tried two places, Carragheen and Milly’s.

The service at Carragheen was amazing but it was way too expensive and I was not pleased with the result of my lashes at all. The work was done well but clearly was not adapted to my eye shape as it was way to curly and short. I mean I have almond eyes, not Chinese shape, so I was really disappointed.

On the other hand, Milly’s service sucks but the prices are more or less decent and they know how to make stunning lash extensions!

Milly’s prices depend on the lashes technique and shapes you want to have. It starts at SGD 75 ($56) for the first time and then catch up starts at only SGD 10 ($7.45)!  By the way, the below video is Milly’s work on my eyes and if you wish to know more about Milly’s and my experience there, click here.

Lash Extensions in the above video were made by Milly’s at Far East Plaza, Singapore and my eyebrows got a much needed microblading correction by the talented Priscilla from Elle & Belle Institut by Daisy.

I hope this post inspires you pretty girl behind this screen and if you have any question or comment, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

Now what about you, have you tried Single Lash Extensions? If so, what is your experience wearing them and where and which Salon is your favorite place to go?

Muaks, Muaks



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