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Moisture Surge by Clinique: THAT Glow!

“THAT feeling when your skin feels like it just rebirth.”

Hey guys! Today I am happy to share with you one of my beauty secret essentials to a healthy skin. Many of you have asked me about my beauty routine on Instagram, so there you go, I give you a little glimpse to achieve a perfect skin glow!

My favorite cream is a fresh gem called the Moisture Surge by Clinique. I have been now using it on my face and neck twice a day for the past 2 years and I really really like it. Having a dry skin and some upsetting eczema, literally since I was born, I have tried out more hydrating creams in my life than any other beauty products (except maybe of lipsticks hihi). Luckily, through the years I finally found a few moisture creams that really do “goooood” to my skin and which I can now no longer live without. How dramatic did that sound? Hehe

So today, I am finally telling you all about my love story with the Moisture Surge by Clinique. This love started when I discovered a sample of the Moisture Surge in a beauty magazine a few years ago. As you know me, I have this strong need to try out as many beauty products as I can, to find THE absolute best therapy for my skin. Once I find it, I share it with you here on the blog plus on my Instagram and then eventually you also end up falling in love with it as I did.

I could write a billion words on the reasons why the Moisture Surge by Clinique became one of the few creams I apply to my skin every morning and every night before sleeping with the angels. But yeah, I know YOUR time is precious, so here are some of the main reasons why I love it so much and why you should give it a try if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet.

1) Soft & Fresh Feel

You will literally feel like you are putting a moisture gel that feels like some little fresh water drops on your face. Every single time I apply it, it is a pure moment of happiness.

2) Rebirth is Calling

I know you will laugh but every time I apply the Moisture Surge by Clinique, I have this sensation of watering my soul as if I was born again. It is such a nice and refreshing feeling thanks to a supercharged water-gel, which intensely hydrates and boosts my skin for the 24 hours. Laughing at me? Just try it and your skin will thank me!

3) No Smell

Another reason why I love Clinique skin care products so much is because they do not smell. Thus, I never get any allergy to it despite my skin is sensitive. If you also have or are experimenting some skin allergies, you know how hard it is to find your perfect moisture match. So, now it is the opportunity for you to give a try to the Moisture Surge and let the magic happen.

By the way, you guys should use my PROMO CODE: Cococlinique to get a 10% discount and a mystery gift on, hurry up because it expires on July 30.

4) No Shining Skin, No Aging

Once the moisture gently enters my skin, I feel super hydrated and my skin is neither shining nor oily. In fact, the Moisture Surge by Clinique is made of a liquid, which does not have any oil in it. This latter helps breaking the cycle of dryness and prevents my skin to age prematurely, which is good because I already freak out enough to get closer to my Thirties!

5) Globetrotter buddy

Finally yet importantly, I take my Moisture Surge everywhere I go! You can easily bring it with you on your adventures around the globe as I believe each packaging are only 50ML or 100ML max. It will of course also happily fit inside your handbags. When flying, I highly recommend you to have it with you as it will feel wonderful to apply it to fight against the cold plane Air Conditioning, which dries your skin and leaves you all: “Meeeeh”.

That’s it for today my Lovelies, let me know if you wish to read more posts like this one. Hope you enjoyed discovering one of my new secret skin tips. I bet your skin will love the Moisture Surge by Clinique as much as mine does!

Thanks so so much for reading and I see you guys soon again on the blog for new exciting adventures and beauty reviews to come! And for more beauty tips, click HERE

Meanwhile, join me on Instagram if you have not done so yet! That’s where all the FUN happens… 😉

PROMO CODE: COCOCLINIQUE to get a 10% discount and a mystery gift on Hurry up because it expires on July 30! 

Muaks, Muaks,


Photographer: LetiSaile


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