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My 3 Beauty Tips to Stay Fresh at 28yo

Hello my Lovelies! Hope you are well. Next Sunday will be my 28’s birthday and honestly, I am freaking out! Where on earth did the past 10 years fly? At the time, I was about to turn 18, becoming a miniature adult… How I miss it. Anyways, before I start crying and eat too much cupcakes, I am finally back with a new beauty post as I have recently got myself three new beauty products from, which is a Swiss online beauty shop with great discounts on all our favorite brands and I bet you will love it as much as I do.

Chloé, until the end of times

Firstly, I am super happy because I got a refill of my all times favorite perfume, Chloé Eau de Parfum. Ever since I tried Chloé Eau de Parfum back in 2011, I deeply fell for its fresh bloom and elegant smell, so I adopted it right away as my official signature perfume. I love it because it is very feminine and light but also youthful, modern, and effortless. I must admit I have a big crush for Chloé as a brand in general too as everything they do is all about pastel colors, pure elegance, minimalism and beauty.

Within the past few years, I also adopted other scents from Chloé, like Roses De Chloé (I think this one is my absolute favorite btw), Love Story and Chloé Signature Fleur De Parfum (Ok, this one is also my favorite. I literally could not just pick one!). The funny thing about it is that no matter which one I wear, my relatives instantly know that I am somewhere around because of the scents, but it became so much “part of me” that I don’t smell it on myself anymore. I bet this happens to you as well when you wear your favorite fragrance.

Chloé Eau de Parfum Notes:

Top: pink peony, freesia, lychee – subtle freshness

Heart: magnolia flower, lilly of the valley, rose – sublimated femininity

Base: cedarwood, amber, honey – velvety elegance

28 springs, time to fight the eyes wrinkles


The second newbie I got is the Absolue Yeux Bx by Lancôme. It is a regenerating and replenishing eye care and as I am turning 28 springs this weekend, I really, really need to apply eye care each night now more than EVER! Haha…

Now, I have billions of beauty products in my bathroom but I NEEDED this magical eye care in my life, so for people not to judge me too much, I pretend I live with a bunch of other girls… Yeah, then that could also explain the number of shoes at my entrance door and my 11 bottles of shampoo and conditioners from different brands in my shower (all started, but none finished)… Can you relate?

Anyways, I have just started to use this “Absolue Yeux bx” eye care, so if it makes my dark circle disappear and bring my sweet 20 year old’s skin back, then rest assured YOU will know about it.

Sleeping beauty, keep me young


Last but not least, I got myself one of the products I had been wishing to try for a while now, the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II by Estée Lauder (ANR, to those in the know). I realized that I have tones of products to clean my skin, all of them are from Clinique and I think I will make a post about my daily skincare routine soon, but anyway I have many day-creams but very few, to none night-cream. So again, as I am only two years away from my exciting yet super scary 30’s, I think it is time to apply a night anti-ageing care before I go nuts and jump straight to injections.

I apply and blend a small amount of cream between my two fingertips.

I smooth over the upper and lower eye contour.

I gently pinch the eye contour to stimulate and firm.

I literally repeat these steps 3 times.

The Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder is a peachy-colored gel that looks like serum and is one of the brand’s bestsellers. It has already done well on many gorgeous ladies out there since the Eighties. I am kind of clueless in terms of anti-ageing because I always said it is for “older chicas” but hey, I am slowly getting one of them too. Now, this anti-ageing serum is designed to work while you sleep and it acts on our lines and wrinkles, dullness and dryness to leave us with a more youthful and radiant skin.

Here is how I use it:

I applicate it every single night.

ANR comes with a pipette dispenser for hygienic application.

I apply a drop on each of my fingertip of one hand and “touch fingertips of both hands together” as Estée Lauder recommends.

I massage it into my skin.

I smooth it over my face right after cleansing.

Then I apply my moisturizer.

Overall, I feel like my skin is already a bit more radiant since using it for 1 week and I am sure that over time the result will be great, but I am not sure it has made a big impact on my few fine lines yet. Thus, like many other products I am trying lately, I will happily give it the test of time, since my old enemy “patience” is required.

That’s it my Lovelies! You now know all about these new beauty products reviews. I hope you enjoyed it and if you wish to try one of my favorites items reviewed in this post, feel free to head to for discounted prices.

See you again soon on the blog!

Muaks, Muaks


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