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My Ikea Apartment Styling

Hey guys, hope you are well and much more tanned than I am!

I am sorry not to have had much time to share new posts on my blog lately. Truth is, it has been a bunch of CRAZY past weeks. I am actually so so excited about it and literally pinching myself about my collaboration with one of my favorite beauty brand from all times, Clinique.

Anyways, today is another happy day! After having received many requests and so many sweet comments on Instagram and Pinterest about my Bedroom Styling, I am finally sharing with you my Ikea APARTMENT Styling! I really hope you will like it and feel inspired when (re)decorating your flat.

Ikea Apartment Styling Tour


As you will quickly notice, my flat is quite small as it is only 44m2 (am still unsure whether that includes my 8m2 balcony or not though), but yeah, I live in a tiny home. As my apartment door opens directly in my living room, there initially was not a lot of space to create a proper entrance. Thus, after taking measurements (with an obviously freshly broken meter thingy to measure (if my meter was not broken, it would neither be me nor funny)), I realized that no decent cupboard could fit in such small entrance space.

Therefore, after spending a few hours checking out and repining way too many Pinterest Photographs, I decided to use the height of the space and the walls in order to keep my entrance as clear, organized and minimalistic as possible. To do so, I got a white clothes hanger and a white wall shelf, both from Ikea. Having said that, being the type of girl who freaks out when seeing a drill, I made my prettiest Bambi eyes and asked my lovely Daddy to pass by to fix the Ikea material for me. Thanks God I had him, otherwise my home styling posts would probably not even exist. Hihi

Regarding the way I styled my entrance, I kept it really minimalistic and decided to display only a few of my favorite seasonal denim and leather jackets. I then added a “sunshine shaped” mirror and of course had to add my extra personal touch with the little cactus in white pots which I happily DIY with a proper black pen. Just kidding, I did not have any pen as always so I used my eyeliner. Still looks cool, doesn’t it?


Although my Ikea Apartment Styling pictures will definitely speak for themselves, when it comes to styling a living room, I like to keep a certain color scheme, which I actually applied to my entire and super huge 44m2 penthouse. Ok, jokes apart, here I have been using similar furniture and elements, which I have also used to style my Bedroom in order to keep it all cohesive. As the kitchen of my apartment is an open one and is pretty but dark, I added a lot of white color with the furniture and some touches of grey, white marble, and a tiny touch of black and gold to create some Scandinavian vibes and have it all blending.

From a styling point of view, I have been using frames again with nice photographs from Desenio and some funny quotes, which represents me pretty well. I have also used some blush and creamy “ethical style” pillows and carpet, which bring a touch of Boho Spirit to my living room, without forgetting the summer hat on the wall. I obviously will not need to mention that cactus have become my coolest flatmates, because they are literally all over my apartment as you can see. My final styling touch advise to you for a perfect Ikea Apartment Styling is to ensure you always have a fresh flower bouquet and it is even better when it’s peonies season!


If I would have been the one who designed my fabulous giant 44m2 gorgeous penthouse, I would have a white marble kitchen with white bricks on the wall. But yeah I cannot have a saying on everything in life, which often does frustrate me. So, as I rent this apartment, I will not start painting nor changing a kitchen that is already really pretty and new, although I admit I did think of it the marble is sadly black (little capricious smiley crying face).

And CLAP, that’s a WRAP! I hope you enjoyed this home styling post and that you are now full of interior design inspiration, ready to spend your money for some yummy IKEA Hot Dogs, Swedish Princess Cake and yeah probably some cool and pretty white furniture as well, no?

Thanks so so much for reading this Ikea Apartment Styling post and I see you guys again soon on the blog!

Muaks, Muaks,



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