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Received, Tried & Adopted #1

Hi Guys! A few days ago, I asked your opinion via my Instagram Story, to know whether you would be interested to discover a brief review of the latest beauty products I received in my mailbox and especially on reviewing the products that I like the most and which I am sure you will too.

So there you go, here is a glimpse of the latest beauty novelties, freshly received and which I have adopted the minute I tried them.


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The Moisturizer

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, Clinique

Why I recommend it to you?

Because we are at an age (please tell me I am not the only one getting closer to my 30th) when we really should take care of our skin and this moisturizer combines all-day hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients helping our skin to look younger, longer.

Why I like it?

It feels good on my skin; leaving it fully hydrated for more hours than I expected, it is perfect for all skin types and is neither oily nor sticky.

Will it hurt your wallet?

Definitely not as it only costs $27.00 for 125ml and that is a good investment to push the wrinkles away.

The Makeup

M.A.C x Steve J & Yoni P. Limited Collection, M.A.C

Why I recommend it to you?

Because one never has too many M.A.C lipsticks in her collection and there is nothing cooler than to pick a different color every day according to your mood!

Why I like it?

For its texture, because it is amplified, long lasting, yet does not stick and the color “Spotlight Me” is perfect for a peachy summer makeup.

Will it hurt your wallet?

Nope, not more than any other M.A.C lipsticks as it costs only $17.50.

Chromat M.A.C Limited Edition, M.A.C

Why I recommend it to you?

Because it’s red-orange color pops up amazingly and it just looks SO good on any sun-kissed tan.

Why I like it?

For its “Augmented reality” feel. It is mat and long lasting. The color I got is “Bonbon Rouge” and I really love it because I do not need to apply any other makeup than that to feel like my look is complete.

Will it hurt your wallet?

Nope, this M.A.C lipstick costs $17.50, so if you only get one or two, you will be fine!

Clinique x Jonathan Adler Limited Collection, Clinique

Why I recommend it to you?

It is very colorful, fresh and the tints are bright and popping. Thus, it is the perfect match for your summer makeup looks. READ MY FULL REVIEW ABOUT THIS LIMITED EDITION

Why I like it?

Because the shades are delightful, the texture of the products is super nice and I deeply love the design of the packaging and the summer vibes concept around it. I am a big fan!

Will it hurt your wallet?

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Have you already heard of these products? Which novelty do you like the most?

Should I keep on sharing these kind of posts with you? 🙂

Muaks, Muaks,



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