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Received, Tried & Adopted #2

Hi Guys! It is time for a new glimpse at the latest beauty products which I have recently received and that I have adopted right away.

The Mask

Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, Clinique


Why I recommend it to you?

Whether you had a long day at work and want to feel fun and good or want to relax with your girl friends at a pyjama party, this refreshing gel-mask will instantly bubbles on your skin for a deep cleansing, leaving you with a really fun and purifying experience.

Why I like it?

Because I can use it on my dry skin without any worries and it only takes two little minutes for this refreshing girly pink gel-mask to transform into tiny mini white bubbles, helping my skin to get rid of residual surface oil and daily dirt. Additionally, its bubbly foam smoother my skin, creating a perfect base for my makeup application. After using it twice only, my skin already looks more energized, glowing, and purified. Pssst, I am a big big FAN!


Will it hurt your wallet?

Nope, it is only $24.50, so no excuse not to get your face, boyfriend’s face and maybe even kitty’s face full of fun purifying bubbles!

The Serum

Force Vitale Aqua Vitale Serum 24, Swiss line by Dermalab

swiss line serum

Why I recommend it to you?

Because it is Swiss, and that means everything in the best possible way, doesn’t it? Hihi… Jokes apart, the texture of the Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 by Swiss line is delicate and fluid, making you feel like your skin is as soft as touching velvet. It is definitely a luxury product we should have in our bathroom if we do not have a high quality anti-again serum yet.

Why I like it?

After gently stealing the Swiss high quality serums of my sweet Mamounette (Mama) for too many years, I am super excited to finally have my own serum. It’s too early now to tell you about all the exact benefits of the Swiss line serum on my skin but it feels good on the skin and I will review it more in depth once I will feel that I look like I am twenty years old again thanks to it… hihi.

Will it hurt your wallet?

Mmmh.. I have been rewriting my answer here for about 10 minutes… hihi Depending on your monthly beauty budget, it might hurt your wallet a bit or it just will not. This luxury serum is CHF 179.00 (more or less same price in $) and that is for 30ml. Now, although it might hurt a bit, I like to think, “I regret taking such good care of my skin! – Said no one ever.”

The Makeup


Metallic Lipstick, M.A.C

Why I recommend it to you?

Because one never has too many M.A.C lipsticks in her collection and there is nothing cooler than having different lipstick looks; mat, glossy, chrome and metallic in this case.

Why I like it?

For its texture, because it has a pearled chrome finish look and does not stick. I got the chance to try the color “In Lust”, which is a metallic light warm neutral shade and I am happy to have it joining my M.A.C lipsticks family!

Will it hurt your wallet?

Nope, not more than any other M.A.C lipsticks as it costs only $17.50.

Have you already heard of these products? Which novelty do you like the most?

Muaks, Muaks,



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