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Self-tanning mousse: I tried it and people’s reaction was priceless…

Hey beautiful souls, today I would like to share one of my favorite beauty tip with you… Within the past few years, I have had many friends who asked me about my secret to a beautiful tan all year long (thanks to self-tanning), so I decided to share it with all of you too!

Having been raised in a country where the sun is shy and the clouds enjoy showing off, I had to figure out a way to magically exchange my pale yellow skin for a beautiful sun-kissed tan.

Curiosity leads to great discoveries…

It all started when I was 10 years old (yup… that early!), secretly trying each single beauty creams and makeup my Mama had in the bathroom. It was all fun and games until she found out that half of her beauty products had very little left. I did try to pretend I had no clue what Upset-Mama was talking about but the zebra orange-brown-yellowish marks on my hands and all over my body, spoke up the truth for me.

Eventually, I got yelled at but it was all worth it… as I had just discovered how to be tanned any time of the year and it felt awesome. Now, the official first attempts have not been glorious but I knew one day I would master this art.

The months and years have passed and I kept on trying new products, getting better results each time until I found THE product I have now adopted for the past two years. And the winner is…


Loving Tan (Promo code: “BELLEZAREBEL” if you want to get a free tanning mitt with any mousse purchase)

Their tanning mousse is the BOMB and everything a Summer lover pale girl can dream of! Loving Tan is an affordable and natural Aussie brand (starting at $34.95 USD), easy to apply; no zebra effect, drying is fast and leaves you with a beautiful dark natural sun-kissed tan. So let’s have a look at your perfect self-tanning match here below…


Which one is your perfect match?

Loving Tan Mousse comes in three different tones; Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark.

Medium is perfect for you if you have a fair skin and look for an ultra natural effect. It will give you a beautiful and sun-kissed tan, while keeping it discret. This is your match for the “You look flawless!” kinda reaction.

Dark is perfect for you if you have a medium or olive skin tone and wish to get a tan that gets noticed but still looks natural. It is your best bro for the “Wow you look gorgeous and are so lucky, I wish the sun this weekend had left me with the same tan!” kinda reaction.

Ultra Dark is for the “OMG I wish I could ever get that tanned, but I guess your skin is originally dark anyways…” kinda reaction. This color can actually work for any skin color tone as long as you are not afraid to look really but really tanned! 😉

How much does it cost and which option is the best?

You can either get a 2HR  Express bottle ($39.95 USD) or a Deluxe Bronze bottle ($34.95 USD). I am not exactly sure what the differences are except that one can be rinse out after only 2 hours and the other 6 hours, I use both and they are really great. However, I feel like the 2HR express dries slightly faster and you can see your final results faster too. It is recommended to shower 2 hours after the application of 2 HR Express mousse and 6 hours if you use the Deluxe Bronze bottle in order to rinse out the excess color on your body and getting to see your beautiful result.

Promo Code?

Use my promo code: “BELLEZAREBEL” to get a free tanning mitt with any mousse purchase! 🙂

How to apply for a perfect blend?

To facilitate the application of the mousse on your gorgeous body, I would suggest you to get the Mitt (the black glove thingy you can see on the above pics) which you can either purchase directly on Loving Tan website or on Aliexpress if you wish to go for a cheaper option that still does the work. The Mitt will ensure a perfect blend of the self-tanning mousse on your skin and will leave your hands clean.

My Process to a perfect blend :

Before you start applying the mousse, ensure to first 1) get a gentle body scrub to get rid of dry skin. Then, 2) apply some hydratating cream on your body (avoid oily creams) and 3) wait 5 minutes for your skin to soak up the cream and then 4) shake and apply the Deluxe or 2HR Express self-tanning mousse of your choice. It does help if you get a friend to help you apply the mousse on your back for example, as that is the only tricky part of your body to cover. Loving Tan does sell a special applicator for your back but from personal experience, having a friend doing it is much more convenient and helps you to avoid any frustration! 🙂

So how does the before and after look like on my body? There you go:


Left leg is my natural skin color and my right leg is after only 30 minutes of my Ultra Dark Mousse application.

Then after 6,5 hours I showered, went to bed and…


I woke up like this!

Can I also apply the mousse on my face?

I would suggest you not to apply the self-tanning mousse on your face nor on any dry part of your body as this might leave you with unwanted dark stretch. So your face will be white?! Nope darling, there is another cream for that and here is how it looks:


Your solution for an instant perfect tan on your face and neck!

This newbie is my ‘coup de coeur’ called  “Picture Perfect” which I use on a daily basis for my face and neck… The texture is liquid, hydrates your skin and its dark color blends perfectly while massaging it on my face. Right after the application, I look super tanned and it feels great! The Dark color suits warm skin tones like medium and dark skins, but if your skin tone is cool and you have a paler skin color, get the Medium tint and you will be enchanted!

And after using the magical Picture Perfect:


Promo Code: “BELLEZAREBEL” to get a free tanning mitt with any mousse purchase.

What about you? Have you tried this self-tanning mousse yet or another brand? I look forward to read your thoughts on it! 🙂

Muaks, Muaks



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