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Testing the Acer Swift 5 for you

Hello my little sunshines! It’s been way too long since I last wrote to you here on the blog. Today, I am back with a new review and this time it’s about “geeking and content creation”; my all-time favorite topics.

Reviewing the Acer notebook Swift 5

I am happy to announce you that I am doing a collaboration with Acer, in order to test the Acer notebook Swift 5.

At first, when I received the box from the postman, I was super excited but a little worried because I had the feeling that the box was empty! It was way too light to actually possibly have a computer inside of it.

Is the box empty?

I rushed to open the box and that is when I discovered that there indeed was the Acer Swift 5 in it. Wow, I felt reassured and really astonished. How could a laptop be SO light?

The Acer Swift 5, is actually known as the lightest 15.6-inch laptop in the world. It offers a vibrant display and strong battery life. A big change from my previous laptop from another brand that was a little old and desperately needed to be charged after only 20 minutes using it… This definitely was always an issue for me as I am always on the go and although we are in 2019, there still aren’t plugs everywhere we go.

What I really think about it

The two main things that I personally really like about it is how light and thin the Acer Swift 5 is as well as how easy it is to work with it, no matter where I am working from to be honest. The only “negative” thing to me is that I really enjoy working outside in Summer and the issue with that is that the screen has a mirror effect, making it difficult to see the screen but if you are in the shadow, it’s fine.

As I am more a PC than a Mac lover (I know many of you will judge me on this one… “how can you be a content creator and work on PC?!” – well, I am simply more used to it since am a kid, and it works just fine for me 🙂 ). I found it really easy to go through the laptop options and work with some pretty cool apps, which are already included in it. The image quality is really high too, so that’s another plus.

Now, trust me, I know how difficult it is to know which electronic devices we should buy when looking for one. I remember how much I struggled about finally picking my perfect new camera, my mobile phones and even more my laptop… There are always SO many options, prices and reviews that we literally get lost and frustrated all the time.

To buy it or not to buy it?

If you are often on the go like me and are currently looking for a new laptop and you don’t have an unlimited budget (because WHO actually does have an unlimited one?!), and you also feel more comfy using a PC rather than Mac, then I am happy to announce you that from my personal experience these past months using Acer, the Acer Swift 5 can, not only be a great option for your needs but you can also get it at the best price as together with Acer, we are offering all of you, the following discounts:

Coupon code: ACER1MYM

Available here

Hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to contact me here or on my IG if you have any questions. 🙂

Thanks for reading and see you here again soon! Meanwhile, I see you on IG!

Big hugs and have a happy day, wherever you are!



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