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2020: Goodbye Comfort Zone & Unalignment

Hello my lovelies ! What a year it's been for all of us ! If you are reading this, congrats, you made it through 2020 and I really hope it was not too painful for you !

It's been uncomfortable for most of us and although it was tough, it all happened for us to grow and further look into ourselves and what + who truly matters in our life. I know it may be hard now, but I really think that all of us (in good health and with a roof over our heads) should seriously be grateful and thankful.

We aren't growing if we are comfortable, while staying in our comfort zone/pink bubble (especially in Switzerland, where I live). We, as a society were in a serious need to STOP for a minute, in order to open our freaking eyes, grow and improve ourselves on our own and then as a collective, all together for the better.

We had to stop a minute (better said 9 months so far), to realize how crazy and ridiculous the world we live in had become and that our planet/system had to go into a freaking burnout itself, because the madness was simply too present and they had to create a freaking virus, to control ALL of us, yes, but also to simply make this madness STOP for a moment and that latter doesn't sound that bad to me.

For the past decades, in the Western world, most of us got educated/trapped into materialistic things/life to "show off ?!", "feel good enough or better" or "feel happier", making us feel like we were always missing something, trying to get/buy more outside things to fill an inside void (no actual material thing could ever fill).

When actually, this year even more than ever before, I hope most of us awakened and finally realized that what is actually worth spending money on, are the few basic and simple things in life, including our own physical and mental health and spending time with those who truly matter to us and whom we won't ever have to waste our time trying to "impressing them".

Remember that super expensive designer bag, pair of shoes, or fancy car you bought yourself ? Well, I am sorry to tell you that but NO ONE cares about it (even if it got you a few more "likes" on the Gram), yet chances are, it may have left you in debt. It's ok, we all made similar mistakes once, but it's time to learn your lesson and think about investing in something meaningful instead.

As a blogger since 5 years now and having worked in the luxury and fashion industry in the past, I am the first one to admit that I definitely got trapped into this heavy/insane consumer world.

I was blinded and manipulated by so many ads and big fashion influencers, trying to buy a feeling (to be happier or feel prettier?!), when what I actually should have bought, was a few more self-development books and a podcast subscription, more organic and local foods, some additional kinesitherapies sessions and investing into more bitcoins ! The good news is, this year 2020, I personally spend my money on all these latter things and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did so !

Going back to my blogger journey, the more it went by, the more I would receive dreamy and expensive products "for free", the more my home was full of giant empty boxes (not all can be recycled!), the more I realized how unaligned I was starting to feel with my true-self and the less I actually started to care about having all these pretty stuff...

I am not going to lie or complain, don't get me wrong, it is really nice to receive high quality and pretty goodies from your absolute favorite brands in the world as part of this job, but too much really is too much and NO, I won't talk and share about everything I receive to make you buy/want to buy things you actually DO NOT need and I actually care little to nothing about.

I only do collabs with brands that I trust and share common values with. No time for bullsh*t stuff here. Authenticity over any big pay check since day one and it will remain that way till the end of times.

For 2021, my objective isn't to make you buy products you don't need (this, by the way, has NEVER been my intention), but it is rather to hopefully continue on sharing my thoughts, crushes and favorite experiences / adventures / cool and useful things, in order to all together, start buying smarter and start learning more about how GOOD it feels to live with less things.

I will still share some products that I care about, but it's been a while that it's been way less than in the past, and I definitely aim to go on into that more "minimalistic approach to life". Because that's who I am, who I have become and what I feel truly aligned with.

Instead of sharing so much about products, I will emphasis on spending our money on various experiences and things that truly help us feel better, healthier and happier, no longer that much related on materialistic things none of us NEED to feel truly happy.

Happiness comes within ! If you still haven't figured that latter out, I might have some pretty good self-development books for you ! I am just a comment / email / text away ! :)

This post is very very spontaneous, I was not expecting to write it at all but hey, these stuff had been on my heart and mind for too long, so hopefully some of you will recognize themselves in this too and will feel inspired. Because once again, I am on a mission to be a source of lifestyle and entrepreneurial inspiration to you, not a "seller" of other brands' products.

They have Sales Managers staff, who do that as good as we, bloggers, create visually appealing and hopefully inspiring content. I think this message could not get any clearer. :)

Thanks for reading this ultra spontaneous blog post, hope you like it and feel the awakening good vibes to this new era about to start ! :)

Sending you mucho LOVE!

Bisousss & stay safe,


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