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6 Fall 2017 trends you should adopt

Hey my Lovelies, it has been a while since I did not share some fashion inspiration on the blog so I am taking the opportunity of us entering this brand new fall season to share with you the 6 Fall 2017 trends you should adopt to stay stylish, while starting to covering up a bit.

You all know that I am a summer child, but when it comes to fashion I am always happy to be able to wear my fav’ ankle boots and a leather jacket again as the days get chiller. However, I feel like as the years and seasons pass by, the struggle to always wear something new and different is real. So, if you struggle as I do but want to feel cool and fashionable in your clothes this fall 2017, here are the 6 Fall 2017 trends you should adopt and add to your closet.

1) Fall 2017 Color? Bright Bold Red

Whether it comes in shape of bag, dress, shoes, suit, pants, sweater or even faux fur, Power Red is your way to go this fall 2017 and to be honest, I could not be happier! So ladies, let’s put on our favorite red outfit, it is time to feel strong, feminine and sensual all at once. I do not know about you but I really like sweaters that have some nice details instead of the classic ones. Thus, since I will need a bunch of new sweaters, I will pick one in red this time and I might choose this pretty baby I have seen at Esprit. By the way, do not be afraid to wear THE color of fall 2017 in different shades, as long as it is red, you will turn heads!

2) Sparkle with Glitters

I do like glitters but only when it is subtle. Thus, to be honest at first, I was not super excited about wearing “bling bling” pieces again but then I realized that glitters do actually look cool when worn as statement pieces. I have seen a pair of glitters boots, which looks cute and wearable from Quanticlo so might pick these.

If you do not feel like wearing glitter shoes, you can still opt for a glitter clutch. Do not worry about the shiny aspect of it, as long as your outfit is simple with sober colors, a little glitter touch will only do good to your look.

3) Fun faux fur & feathers

There cannot be any stylish fall season without a faux fur jacket hanging in your closet. You probably already have one and let me guess, it is either black, beige or white… Am I wrong? Well, what if I tell you that not only this year we will still look cool while wearing our favorite faux fur jackets but we will also need to add a little fun and fancy touch with colorful coats like this one from Topshop and fun sweaters made of faux fur or feathers, even on your bell sleeves. The cool part of this trend is that we most likely will not need to buy much as we will only need one or two fun and colorful faux fur/feathers touches to look on point.

4) T-shirts with statement sentences

It has been a little while now since strong statement sentences wear worn again on white T-shirts. Some love it, some hate it but in my case, I adore this style and collect white T-shirts. I think I really love this trend because that is a simple yet cool way to express our personality and our values written on a basic and comfortable shirt. I am currently thinking on adding one from Boohoo to my collection because there are so many ways to style them within an outfit, but my favorite trick is definitely to wear my statement sentences T-shirts with a black leather jacket, a pair of blue jeans and my new white Nike Air Sneakers. I was positively surprised and quite excited when I saw that this cool 90’s trend is still fashionable this fall 2017!

5) Super-sized sweaters with long skirts

From all these 6 Fall 2017 trends you should adopt, the super-sized sweaters with long skirts outfit is the one which to me sounds the most stylish yet the most difficult to wear. I have no doubt fashion bloggers will style it perfectly but I feel like I would struggle a bit more. Probably because it would look a bit strange on a daily base but I might adopt this trend as well, who knows? My favorite shades for this look are a nice light gray over-sized sweater and a longue skirt in blush color, both pieces can be found on Esprit.

6) Leather everything

Last but not least, you may think that wearing leather clothes for fall is not new, but sometimes “tradition” is good, especially when it is edgy and comes in form of jackets, short, skirts and pants! I have been a big fan of leather pieces for a while now, I really love it because it never goes out of style and you can never go wrong with it. I personally got my eyes on a gorgeous mini-skirt by Esprit, which will look perfect with a pair of ankle boots and a nice blouse.

Now I want to know what is your favorite Fall 2017 trends you will adopt?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post about some of my favorite fall 2017 trends and if you did so, please click on the heart button below, it is quickly done and would mean a lot to me.

See you again soon on the blog for a brand new post!

Muaks, Muaks



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