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8 Must-have Dresses for this Summer

Hello my Lovelies ! Today I am back with a new fashion post full of summer vibes, palm trees and happy times. Can you tell am super happy summer is around the corner? Hihi… But also, you know I love shopping, especially when it comes to beautiful summer dresses. Just imagining the rendering of the dress on my tan skin makes me happy and want to buy it all each single year. So, in order to give you some inspiration, I have decided to share with you 8 Must-have dresses for this Summer. Ready? Let’s go straight at it!

1) A Full Denim Look

Avec sa taille haute, sa jupe oscillante et ses manches trois-quarts, cette robe longueur midi d'aspect denim foncé tendance et entièrement boutonnée sur le devant arbore un look stylé inédit !

It is not new that wearing a total denim look is one of the biggest trends of 2018. So why not wearing this cool trend as a dress? I like this one I saw at Esprit because it works well for both work and after-work parties! It is elegant and I would definitely add one of my GG belt to add a final styling touch to this pretty denim dress.

2) Yellow Lemon Obsession #1

Aux éclatantes couleurs estivales ! Cette robe féminine à fleurs séduit par ses nœuds et sa large ceinture à la taille.

I may repeat myself but chicas, I do not know why but I am super obsessed with yellow dresses lately. Whether it is with flowers, monochrome or with lemon prints, I just cannot get enough of yellow! Actually, I feel like together with pastel pink, yellow is one of the best color to wear during warmer days because it looks really good with a nice tan. Talking about beautiful yellow dresses, I got a crush for this super cute and fresh floral dress I found from Esprit (2), this elegant maxi dress from TopShop (3) and this cute lemon print dress I saw from Boohoo (4).

3) Yellow Lemon Obsession #2

4) Yellow Lemon Obsession #3

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Natalie Lemon Print Bodycon Dress"

5) Style it with a Belt

Idéale aussi bien au travail que dans la vie de tous les jours - cette robe chemisier imprimée à poches plaquées vous fait un look impeccable tout au long de la journée.

You cannot NOT have this kind of dress in your wardrobe, especially this year, as it is super trendy and a bit more original than the famous dots trend. The best way to wear this dress from Esprit would be of course to add your favorite belt.

6) Orange Florals and Bow

Orange is the new black isn’t it? We all know that and this dress from TopShop could perfectly replace our favorite cute (yet often boring) black dress.

7) Tropical Vibes

Cette robe doit son charme rétro tendance à sa silhouette oscillante et à son imprimé tendance composé de fleurs tropicales.

Now from all these 8 dresses, this one from Esprit is one of my favorite. I just LOVE the prints of the leaves and flowers.

8) Pastel Floras

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Nia Floral Scuba Frill Skirt Midi Skater Dress"

Last but not least, we should all also have a dress that is a bit sexier in our wardrobe. I like this one from Boohoo because the colors are pastel of course and the shape is really nice. The only thing with this one is that I personally would find it hard to wear because of my boobs haha…

That’s it for today my little beauties! Hope you enjoyed this new post about the 8 Must-have dresses for this Summer and if you did, please click on the heart button below! It will mean a lot to me and only takes you 1 second.

Thank you SO much for reading and see you again soon on the blog my Lovelies!

Muaks, Muaks



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