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8 Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM

Hello my Lovelies! Hope your first week of the Advent Calendar was a great and happy one. It’s no surprise that Christmas is only 20 little days away from now! How exciting right? But also, how stressful… I don’t know about you girls but every single year I am going through the exact same struggle; finding THE Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM. In other words, for the three main Men in my life; My Daddy, my Bro and last but not least my Cat! Joking! My lovely Boyfriend of course, although most of the time I actually do treat him like a cat…

So this year 2016, let me take this “Men Gifts’ Struggle” away from you by presenting you “The Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM”. Hooray! Yes  for HIM… not for HER, cause it is way too easy to buy perfect gifts that will make a girl jump of happiness! What? You think I am exaggerating? Well, here’s an example for later and another one right here (for later too!) just for you dear Men, if you really have no clue what to get her for Christmas, her Birthday or any other Occasions. Enough talk about girls gifts, now let’s get into the struggle and let me present you:

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM

1) The Watch

What would a stylish Man be without a nice watch on his left wrist? Now, I know it sometimes hard to know which brand or which style would make your man really happy and feel proud to wear it every day. There are so many brands that offer watches out there to choose from, so the best strategy is to look at what kind of watches he already has, for you to get a better understanding.

Then of course if he only has Cartier, IWC or Panerai, you might want to consider getting him a watch that would not put you in deep credit debts! So if you are looking for a brand that is quite luxurious but which also offers more affordable watches, have a look at Seiko Men Watches. I personally feel like you could not go wrong by picking one of their beauties as your Man’s Christmas gift.

2) The Shirt

Now, you might think that getting him a shirt sounds easy but have you thought that he might already have the one you are about to get him? Chances or better said risks are pretty big. So, to ensure our main Men don’t get any unpleasant duplicated gifts that they will have to exchange right after Christmas,  have a look at his closet first before buying anything.

Then if you feel like he already has everything, don’t panic because a man never has too many stylish shirts. Yep, although they pretend they are nothing like us, often they actually are a lot more than we may think! Thus, if you feel like getting him an elegant and classy shirt for Christmas, I would recommend you to have a look at the Esprit Men Collection. They have stylish and trendy clothes including the shirt I selected in this list, which by the way I will most probably get for my BF, because he loves this style so much and so do I (little hearts in my eyes… ha ha).

3) The Shoes

Men and shoes are a big deal. They want them to be comfortable but also stylish. I don’t know about you girls, but I realized through the years that the Men in my life can take AGES until they finally buy a pair of shoes, which they should have bought a long time ago. Because come on, their snickers and slippers are nice as long as they are not full of holes! Now, if you wish to make your Dad, Brother or BF happy with a pair of shoes, check out the type of shoes he usually likes and then get his size. Once you have that, if he is a fashionista whose style is super stylish, trendy and comfy, these blue velvet slippers from BachelorShoes will enchant him the minute he will discover them.

4) The Travel Bag

A travel bag is always a kind and cool gift idea for every men out there. Especially if yours likes to go on adventures and loves to wander around the globe. Not only should this travel bag be well thought and resistant but also if it looks stylish like the one I selected here from RusticTown, your man will appreciate it even more and might also use it for work or as his gym bag, while he is not traveling somewhere beautiful.

5) The Card Holder

Men don’t usually wear bags as much as we do, and when they do it is usually a pretty big one they use for travel, sport and business, sometimes all at once. Thus, when going out, there “best bro” are their jacket and jeans pockets. The thing is, a wallet is nice but definitely not the most practical thing for men to carry with them.

Thus, many men have decided to leave their wallets behind and opt for card holders instead. Now, chances are that his card holder isn’t necessarily super nice. Well girls, that is when you come into action and blow his mind by offering him the Kios simple card holder from Louboutin, which to me is definitely the most stylish card holder I have seen and offered so far.

6) The Sunnies

Like the card holder, fancy sunnies are a MUST in a man’s closet. Not only the Clubmaster Fleck from Ray-Ban will protect your man’s pretty eyes from the UV but it will also bring the stylish final touch to his look. Way too many men don’t really care how their sunglasses look like as long as it does the job. Having said that, it is only until they realize that by getting the right sunnies, they will make many heads turn in a very good way.

7) The Fragrance

This gift idea is probably the trickiest one from this Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM list. We all have very different tastes in terms of Fragrances. One of your friend might love and feel attracted by a specific smell, while you might feel like it totally turns you off. There is nothing more normal and human than that.

Although I did not find the secret yet to be 150% sure on which fragrance we should pick for a man, I like to go try some fragrances in perfume shops and then, close my eyes, imagining if I would feel attracted to it or feel disgust. Usually I get the result in less than 3 seconds! I really like Bleu de Chanel but again, tastes and smells can all be very different from one person to the other. Your way to go if you want to get him a perfume for Christmas is to go try out a few fragrances yourself first and see how you react to it. Then if you love it, chances are high for him to love it too and that is why a fragrance can be one of the Perfect Christmas Gifts for him.

8) The Leather Gloves

This one is an absolute MUST have in every men’s closet for this cold Winter 2017. I am sure you will agree with me when I tell you that it is not a nice feeling to head out in the cold. Even less when we are not wearing gloves that are comfortable, keep us warm and are aesthetically nice. So this Christmas, is a great occasion to show our man that he can both look very classy and feel warm when wearing leather gloves. My pick for the leather gloves are from Esprit, as I found these fleece lining black leather beauties while I was looking for the shirt I am thinking on offering to my BF this year.

There you go my Lovelies, I hope this Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM list will inspire you and that I hopefully helped you by taking your “Men Gifts’ Struggle” away from you!

Now, it’s your turn babes! What to YOU are the Perfect Christmas Gifts for HIM?

Thanks so much for reading, I am already super excited to welcoming you back on the blog next week for a fun new post!

Happy Christmas Gifts Shopping!

Muaks, Muaks



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