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A Guide to Creating Your Own Mineral-Based Cosmetics Collection

Hi my Lovelies! Today, I am happy to share with you a new guest post written by Amy Mia. We hope you will enjoy like this guide on how to create your own mineral-based cosmetics collection.

Makeup is a sacred thing for most women. It’s our art, it’s our war paint, it’s our personality represented in colours and strokes, our shield against the dullness of the world. We get to fill our days with creativity, and there’s nothing more exciting than swatching new lipsticks and picking out the perfect shade.

New products make us curious, and when someone mentions mineral makeup and tells us that it pairs high quality and beauty all in one?  Hell, sign us up. The skin-beneficial ingredients, the lack of additives and allergens, the lightweight texture are just some of the goodies that you can expect from mineral makeup. If all of this sounds good to you, it’s time to make your very own collection and we’re here to help.



Primers are the key to making your makeup last all day. Slap some Young Blood Mineral Primer on your face and you’ll see how easily it can fill in your problem spots such as enlarged pores and fine lines. It creates a nice, even surface for everything to apply smoothly, and makes you look flawless.



Foundation is how mineral makeup got famous for its face-caring properties. The best thing about it? It also offers sun protection in the form of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular in countries like Australia, where women need to be very careful and constantly layer an SPF on.

Aussie gals love Max Factor Natural Minerals Powder because it’s a great, affordable brand, and it comes with a handy little brush that makes it easy to touch up on the go. If you’re concerned about price and want to find the best deals, it’s always a good idea to shop from online retailers like Purple Peach, especially because online shopping is now generally better than physical stores.

Blush + contour


Bare Minerals is the brand to turn to for some handy face-shaping makeup. Their Powder Trio contains nice cool-toned contour shade, a blush, and some nice poppin’ highlighter that will illuminate your face and give it a subtle, lit-from-within kind of glow.


Start with a few neutral eyeshadows for your everyday look. Mary Kay has a great shade range, and you will get a very breezy, lightweight formula that feels like nothing on your eyes, and yet has a very good lasting power and pigmentation. Use the shade Honey Spice as the crease shade, and pop some Cinnabar in the outer corner of your lid and you’ve got an easy look that will give your face some depth and bring out your eyes.



For that perfect pop of colour on your lips that will make them look plump and velvety soft, try the Lotus Pure Organic lipsticks. You want a rich colour and a non-drying formula, and the good thing about these is that they have some nourishing essential oils in them so they will care gently for your lips. Another good idea is the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek which is perfect for the no fuss, gentle “no makeup” looks. Dab some on your cheeks for a subtle blush, and on your lips to have that healthy lush colour.

Setting spray

Using a setting spray is another trick to keep everything in place, especially if you’re oily-skinned and hate when your makeup melts off your face by the end of the day. Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration spray is a cult classic that will moisturize your skin, lock your makeup in place, and serve as a refreshing mist through the day.

Mineral makeup is another step in this revolution that demands quality, affordability, and transparency from all the brands. It’s the best thing you can give to your face, and it’s absolutely something your skin deserves. No need to throw out all your makeup either. Start with the foundation and see how the quality of your skin slowly improves, and then see if you want to grab a few more products as well.

This post has been written by Amy Mia for BellezaRebel. Amy Mia is an Aussie blogger in love with beauty and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all her passions and make blogging friends along the way. You can find Amy Mia on Facebook and Twitter.


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