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Best Products to Avoid Cutting your Hair

Hello beautiful readers, today’s post is all about a little hair struggle most of us have sometimes… to chop or not to chop? For way too many years I have been constantly coloring my lock of hair (there almost isn’t any color I have not tried…) and on top of that, I used hot hair straightener and curling iron a lot. All this resulted in having to cut my hair more than once and every time I was feeling the same way… super happy with my new look the first few weeks and then all of a sudden regretting it big time. So, if you are a “crazy beauty products adventurer” like me, you may struggle with damaged and dry hair and might wonder is there any way on earth you can avoid cutting your hair?

Mistakes made, I slowly but surely learned that applying various chemicals and heating our hair often does weaken the hair follicles, which leaves us with really dry locks, split ends and sometimes a dull color. So how can you avoid cutting your hair? Here are five efficient products I tried and happily adopted, so say goodbye to scissors and hello to your new beautiful and healthy long lock of hair.

Like many other girls, having long and healthy hair is important to me, thus I have asked some great hairstylists I met around the globe which products they highly recommend. I am therefore delighted to share with you five awesome products that will bring full health, glow and happiness to your locks all this as a solution to avoid cutting your hair.

THE Shampoo

I had heard a lot about it, so I decided to give it a try and you should too. As it acts as a restorative shampoo, it will help strengthen your locks thanks to its nourishing ingredients. Kérastase Résistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo is made of both Ceramides (hair fibers strengthener) and Pro-keratin (protein helping rebuilding your hair) which will give your hair a brand new life! After only one week and a half using it, my hair already got healthier, shinier and stronger. This will be your perfect shampoo option to avoid cutting your hair!

THE Conditioner

avoid cutting your Hair

Because the perfect shampoo is the right first step but is not enough to help you avoid cutting your hair, you should pick the right conditioner too. L’Oréal serie expert conditioner has been recommended to me by a hairstylist when I lived in Spain and ever since I adopted this conditioner (too sad I couldn’t adopt the hairstylist too)! It has done true magic for my dry and color-treated hair thanks to its Neofibrine, which is a combination of shine-perfector and Ceramides. Since I use it, my hair is super soft, easy to untangle, shiny and cherry on the pie, it smells amazing!

THE Serum & Protector

avoid cutting your Hair

This amazingly efficient and cheap serum (4.35€ only) is a true BOMBER I discovered in Spain and it surely will convince you not to chop it all off! You can get it online here or directly buy it at any Mercadona supermarkets in Spain. Sérum fluido iluminador Stylus from Deliplus brand helps to heal your locks split ends and protects your hair against breakage, heat, as well as UV damages. I would suggest you to apply it to your wet hair and to let your locks air dry naturally before using your hot hair tools. Add it to your daily hair routine, it smells really nice and you will notice its magical result in no time! Putting serum on your hair every day is always the right way to avoid cutting your hair.

THE Brush

avoid cutting your Hair

Since damaged hair are really fragile, ensure you use the right brush to both avoid knots and further breakage. I personally love my Handle Tangle Detangling Brush as it is gentle, reduces my split ends, leaves my hair super soft and helps me to untangle my wet hair without feeling any pain. I would recommend you not to buy it in a hair salon as you can find the exact same one much cheaper online!

THE Hair Dryer

avoid cutting your Hair

When in Singapore, my hairdresser used the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i hair dryer which apparently is the new generation of ionic! So as I am always really curious, I asked him how come my hair was that soft and amazing after he used this hairdryer… so he explained me that “tourmaline” is a stone famous to retain moisture and to help smooth dry hair. Although it has a price (USD 250 if you get it at Sephora), if you want to opt for a great hairdryer, this model is your way to go as it will decrease damage during the drying process and will leave you with super soft and gorgeous hair!

Which are your favorite beauty products to help you avoid cutting your hair?

Muaks, Muaks



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