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Breast Reduction: 4 Months Post-Surgery + Q&A

Hi Girls! It’s now been almost four months since I got my lollipop breast reduction, so here is an update for you since I received so many questions on Instagram.

I have selected a few of your questions and am going to answer them in this new blog post as promised.

But first thing first, if it is your first visit on the blog or you have missed my previous posts on my breast reduction journey, I invite you to first read my two previous posts:

How did you feel during your first month of breast reduction post-surgery?

I won’t lie, the first month has been hell. All the pain and the medicine just were too much for me. I feel like I was not really myself and felt the strong need to be less active on social media. Leaving my phone aside was much needed for me during this period, because I simply did not feel like becoming “the girl who suffers and complains all the time”, especially that I am the one who took the decision to go through surgery. I am a very positive person and cannot stand negative vibes. So, whenever I feel really bad, I prefer to simply remain silent and disappear, unless if I feel that there is some potential to make some of you laugh a bit of course; like the other day when I showed you my #hamsterface on my Insta Story after I got my last wisdom tooth out… Another painful moment, but thanks God, that was my last wisdom tooth!

Another thing that has happened and that I had NO idea before would happen, was the weird emotional state that followed my breast reduction surgery part. Yes, my body was really hurting but my mood suffered with lots of lows too, making me cry often like a baby. I feel like it’s a bit like when you are on your periods, except that instead of having your lower stomach part hurting, it’s your boobies and it does not last only 3-5 days but rather a month or two. Am sure many of you can relate!

Are you happy with the results, what has changed for you?

Yes, I am really happy when looking at my new boobies (I went down from EU size 80D to 80B). Now, they look beautiful, feel super light, and perfectly fit with the rest of my body and my back NO longer hurts. The only thing is that the pain has been SO strong and annoying for me that I was feeling quite down. I know I should focus on the good, since all this will make my life easier and healthier but to be honest, when you are right in the middle of this pain, it’s not easy to remember that only a few months away, all this will be behind and I will be the happiest ever.

Now, despite the pain, there were some positive moments too of course. Like the moment when I discovered them when removing the plasters (I almost fainted) and when I tried on my entire closet and realized that 80% of my wardrobe was now too big for me. For the record, I am an EU size M but because of my big boobies I often had to wear XL if I wanted my boobies not to make the buttoned shirts and dresses explode up there. XL boobies issue is now behind me and I can finally wear the same size up and down, so it feels great to be proportioned for the first time since I was 12 years old. Although I must admit my hips are still there! Some people told me I should sell my clothes but I preferred to give most of my wardrobe to charity and some others to my friends. At least this smaller boobies experience will be helpful and good to many.

How did you manage to sleep after the surgery?

One of the hardest part was sleeping indeed. My BF was always helping me placing many pillows around me, so that I would not turn during the night and hurt myself. That was very helpful but since week 3 post-surgery I could finally happily sleep again on the side, so I slept much better. Also, although 1 month had past, I still took pain killers quite often to ensure I get plenty of sleep and I can be efficient at work.

How long did you rest after your breast reduction surgery before going back to work?

After the surgery I stayed at my parents’ house during the first 3 days (my Mom took some days off to care of me) and then my sweet BF brought me back to our flat, where I rested one week. So in total, I got about 10 days of recovery before heading back to work. I feel like it was not long enough but hey, that is how it is and I just had to deal with it. I was glad to have my pain killers with me.

When can you start working out again?

About two months after the operation but I can now start again with some light biking and physical activities as it has been a month. #exciting

How long did it take you to be able to drive your car again?

Exactly 7 days, but it was a bit painful since it is a manual car, so if you can wait a bit more, it would be better.

When can you start buying new bras?

Haha, good question! I saw my Surgeon for my 3 weeks post-surgery meeting and he told me that my boobies were healing well and that I could start wearing other bras, as long as they are wireless bras. I found some pretty ones at Oysho but the issue is that at the moment, my breast is still swollen, so I don’t know my final size exactly yet. They will most likely be slightly smaller than now and get in a more natural shape soon too. Plus, my nipples are still very sensitive and I still have to wear small plasters bandage, so at the moment I feel safer to continue using my post-surgery bra for a little bit longer; so nicer bras will wait!

When will you show us a before/after picture?

Sooo many of you asked me this question and I totally understand! I did ask the same to other girls in the past because a picture is worth a thousand words. Allow me to heal a bit more and then I will be of course sharing the famous Before/After picture. Just be a bit more patient. By the way, I will show you the B/A wearing clothes on, cause there’s no way am showing my boobies to the internet! 😉 #sorrynotsorry

Do you feel it was worth the money?

That is a tricky question, because I did my operation in Switzerland, known to be the most expensive country of the world and I am now “financially broken”. But at the same time, my life and my health do not have a price, so yes, I believe my breast reduction surgery was worth the money and am so glad I did it in my country. Especially that I get so many post-surgery meetings with my Surgeon, Dr. B. in Bern (the Swiss capital). He really is the best and really cares about his patients. I have seen him already 4 times since my operation and will be seeing him again next June 2019.

Would you recommend breast reduction surgery to other girls who also suffer from the same things as you did?

Yes, absolutely. Now, of course it is painful to go through a breast reduction surgery but this pain goes away by the days and will leave you happy and healthy, which is not always the case with heavy boobs giving you back pains and making you feel uncomfortable (if that is the case for you as well of course). You have to do what is good for YOU and if you choose the right Surgeon, you will be absolutely fine.

That’s it for this Breast Reduction: 4-Months Post-Surgery + Q&A. I hope this post is useful to you or to any of your friends/family members who feel like getting a smaller breasts surgery done may be a relief too. If one of your questions was not answered in this blog post, feel free to comment below and if you enjoyed this post, it would mean a lot to me if you could click on the heart below.

Thank you my Lovelies and see you here again soon!

Muaks, Muaks,


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