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Burnout: 1 Year Post-Burnout & Some Life Updates

Should I post this article, or not…?

Hello my little Sunshines! Hope you are well, despite winter is comiiiing. Today, I have decided to finally share with you something that I have had on my heart and thoughts for a while now. I did not know if to write this post or not but as always, I choose to be myself 200% and freely do and say whatever I want, yet not what will necessarily be liked. 🙂

Time flies, things really change…

The end of the year is approaching and my life today looks absolutely NOTHING like a year ago. Last year, I had a major burnout as many of you already know. Since that Friday morning, October 12, 2018, my life changed completely from one day to the other.

My body and mind begged me to quit my job and the really toxic environment I was stuck in. So, for the first time of my life, I listened to my mind, my body, my family and my boyfriend at the time. And am really glad I did.

Because and after this “explosion”, things got all shaken up and it eventually changed EVERYTHING in my life. Both my internal and external situations.

Answering your questions, received on Instagram

At first, it seemed that all these changes were for the worst but little by little, it started to all make sense (like it ALWAYS does) and I am a strong believer that it definitely all happened for the best.

Now, some of you have been writing me a few DMs on Instagram, mentioning that I seemed to have overcome my burnout “pretty fast and easily”.

Not because you personally had met me (because if you would have, you would have realized this is far from the truth) but because of what you saw me posting on my Instagram account ever since my mind “exploded”. I am very good at keeping my life private despite my posting on social media, you have NO idea! hehe

I will never repeat it enough, when I go on holidays, I take 1 billion pictures. I am OBSESSED with palm trees, summer and the beach. It is part of my passion for travelling, my vibes and my personality since am a kid, so it naturally became a big part of my “feeds art” too.

After all, I am not creating and sharing photos on IG for the likes… Because at any case, my content barely reaches 3%-10% MAX of my community anyway since a few months #InstagramIsDyingTimeToCreateOnTikTok

I am creating and sharing the things I LOVE and that represent my authentic personality. I never felt like I was “fitting in” on the gram and I never intend to fit in anywhere anyway (the word “Rebel” in my brands’names isn’t a coincidence).

Simply doing my own thing, quietly and happily in my little corner. That is WHO I am. 🙂

Instagram: A Creative Art therapy?

I used Instagram also a bit as a therapy actually, since it is like my little artistic universe/portfolio, which reminded me that my life clearly was shit at the time but it was just a tough period, as life also gets really fun sometimes…

We just have to get the most out of it and spend more time doing what we have a passion for. In my case, it’s styling nice things and photographing them, while reading lots of social media articles updates & trends every day and learning new stuff on YouTube like how to use my new Sony Alpha A6400 camera… Haha… You can laugh but it really does help and we don’t need to pay anything in order to improve and learn new things nowadays. 🙂

By keeping on showing the colorful positive side of my life, rather than focusing and posting negative stuff I was going through, it not only started to make my Instagram paid partnerships booming…

But it also made me realize that despite all the harm some very very toxic people had caused me last year and this year too, I would quickly realize that you guys, brands and agencies did highly appreciate the content I was creating and sharing on my blog, YouTube and IG.

This, to be honest, really helped me a lot to see that I was actually “good enough” for something and capable of doing great things, despite all the bitchy back stabbing I had experienced at my previous job, leading to my burnout.

I am officially a Digital Freelancer

And just like this, by the beginning of this year 2019, Instagram slowly started to become an important part of my full-time income, along with my Digital Strategy Consulting & Coaching activities.

I can’t believe I am officially “self-employed” now. I will discuss more about my entrepreneur activities here in the future too. Because hopefully, I can continue inspire you with this too and my digital geek passion and experience may be helpful to you.

Healing & Accomplishment do NOT happen over night

I won’t lie to you, all this process:

  1. The hours of work spent working on myself with the help of my Kinesiology and Bio-resonance Therapists

  2. The strong anxiety and the nights of crying

  3. The weeks fully covered of eczema from head to toes

  4. The scars due to my breast reduction

  5. The breakup, heartaches and the end of a so called “ 10 years friendships”

  6. The stress coming from the fact I became a digital freelancer; relying on social media strategies, metrics and stupid algorithms to pay my bills… Also often running after clients to get paid… Otherwise, it would be “too” easy wouldn’t it?

ALL THIS, made this past year really uncomfortable, painful, full of constant doubts and re-questioning, as well as full of anxiety.

Yet now, I realize that all this storm in fact simply was the only way to clear my path and that everything now is how it should be and how I somehow wanted it to be deep inside.

It’s still confusing and far from being figured out, but will we ever really figure our life out anyway?

We need to go through all our respective struggles to:

  1. Understand who we really are (not whom society says we should be)

  2. Know what we NO longer want in life (jobs, relationships, etc)

  3. Know what we will NEVER tolerate again from un-respectful people (Values & Respect is everything!)

  4. Understand the true meaning of “loving-yourself” (not the “I feel pretty today” talk, but the“screw you all, I am enough, I am worth it, you’d better treat me right, otherwise I will kick your butt in no time and you will cry!” bad ass women kind of talk. The one, when we know our values and worth and add tax to it.)

  5. Keep on growing and evolving towards our dreams and goals

  6. Head to the direction we secretly have been wishing for and have been/still are working so hard for

Thank you for reading! I hope this will be helpful/inspiring to you and that I could answer some of your questions. If you have more questions, you know where to find me! 🙂

On a side note, I have a few personal business projects I am working on at the moment and I look forward to share more of it with you here soon! 🙂

Meanwhile, take care of you my little Sunshines and do the work each single day to love and respect yourself before loving anyone else!

Bisousss, bisousss


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