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Breast Reduction: I am getting a Boob Job!

Hello my Lovelies, today I would like to share with you something very personal, which is not easy to talk about. On August 22, 2018 I will get a boob job. I can already see some of you thinking: “A boob job, seriously? You already have big boobs!” Well, yes, the thing is that I DO agree, my boobies are quite out there and that, my friends, is exactly the reason why I finally got the guts to do a breast reduction.


This decision has been well thought and I had this clearly planned in my head since a few years now. Why? Because I just cannot stand having big boobies, which makes it SO hard to wear nice clothes without looking like a slut, constantly getting my boobs coming out of XL bikini tops (Yes XL, while my actual clothes size is M!). As much as I love summer, wearing summer clothes has always been a struggle and I know am not the only one struggling with big boobies and fitting in bikinis.

Ok, little jokes apart, I have been suffering from back and neck pains + bad postures ever since I was only fifteen years old. Can’t count the number of times my Mom and Dad told me: “Cíndy, watch out your posture! If you continue like this you will be like Quasimodo one day!”. Not the most elegant posture indeed. At that time, I was way too shy, too ashamed and insecure to tell them the reason behind my bad posture. Especially to my Daddy.

On top of that, I used to play a lot of tennis back then when I was a kid and a teenager. Thus, having a big breast (80D –EU size, 38D – US size, 100D – France & Spain size) really did not help when doing tennis competitions. I always had to wear at least two sport bras to maintain my boobies correctly in place and even like that, they were still dancing around… like little rebels.

Long story short, I started to get boobies at the age of 12, which to me was a real shame. I was hiding in large boys clothes because I suffered from the fact that my school friends (boys and girls) were talking/making jokes about my boobies (already a EU size 75B at the time!) and the fact that I was starting to become a woman, only at the early age of 12!

Nobody has any clue on how much this can affect a young girl. Am SO glad neither social media nor phones were part of our life back then. It surely made it easier for me and all of you girls, who most likely suffered from similar things in the past. Bullying is a serious and really tough thing and I feel very sad when hearing teenagers stories and pain nowadays because of some stolen pictures shared on social networks.


Regarding the operation, I have seen 4 different surgeons in total because I wanted to ensure I was in the best hands and that I would feel comfortable when talking with my surgeon. It was also important for me to see actual before/after pictures of his patients because that should be an obligation when you meet with a surgeon. Never trust one that does not show you any before/after pics of his work!

I have seen two surgeons in Geneva and Bern, Switzerland (my beloved country) and two in Prague, Czech Republic. The reason why I thought for a while to get my breast reduction done in Prague was mainly for money reasons, since I will have to pay fully #allbymyself for my breast reduction. In Prague, this kind of surgery costs around 3’500€, while in Switzerland it can cost up to 10’000CHF (around 8’600€).

As this is an important surgery and I will be under full anesthesia (I am a bit freaking out about this part by the way), I took the wise decision to get my operation done in Bern (the Swiss Capital) with one of the best surgeon of Switzerland. After some explanations during our three appointments, my surgeon told me that he will do a lollipop incision on me, as my skin is still of a good quality and flexible. I am adding some graphic info below so you can better understand the incisions options and the way scars will be.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "breast reduction"

One of my best friend got operated last year and she got the Anchor incision. She told me she is super happy with her boobs now as they are smaller and perky (Yayyyy!). Thus, I asked my surgeon if I could get the anchor incision as well but he told me that in my case the lollipop incision was going to be the best fit. So, fingers crossed my boobies will end up as perky as my friend’s ones! Haha ok, that was funny to write!


In some countries, health insurances are wonderful and nice but that is NOT the case in Switzerland, as it literally feels like we all pay health insurances a fortune each month for nothing… but that is another topic.

So, here is why my awesome Swiss health insurance will NOT cover my breasts reduction operation:

1) Your surgeon MUST remove at least 500gr per boob (that’s a LOT)

I first had 800gr per boob (1.6kg of boobs! My God, whyyy?) then started to eat much healthier and to move my booty a bit more, so I lost 5kg and got down to 700gr per boob. So yeah, it is still 1.4kg of boobs in total! Can you imagine my pain?

Theoretically, I could tick this box out of the 3 requirements list in order to get my breast reduction paid by my health insurance but technically, having my surgeon removing 500gr per boob would leave me with 200gr per boob, which apparently is smaller than an A cup! I would be flat and that would not be a great idea for me.

So, that is the one criteria that will make it painful as I will have to empty my savings bank account since I will remove less than 500gr per side. Probably remain with 300gr or 350gr per boob, making me go from a 80D to 80B cup (Talking EU sizes here again, not US nor France). By the way, WHY so much confusions with bra sizes? Can’t we not just ALL use the same size range?! Seriously!

Now, it was not easy for me to decide I would spend all my saving account money to reduce the size of my boobies but both my health and my well being count before all and I am sure it will be a great life investment worth (almost) every penny.

2) You must be in your normal weight, not in over-weight

Check your BMI. In my case, I was slightly above 25 points when I went for my first visit at the surgeon I chose, making me overweight (WTF?!). Then, he encouraged me to lose the extra kg, which I did but then I ended up losing some boobs too (see boobs grams lost above).

It is important not to take or lose too many kilos after a breast reduction operation, as it may be a bit bad for the final result, which we of course want to look AMAZEBALLS.

3) You must have a specific health insurance that pays for this kind of operation

In French it is called: “Assurance complémentaire” Not sure what the equivalent in your country is but feel free to google translate it.


To be honest, I really had NO idea how I would announce this to you, but I always want to be transparent with you and I hope my breast reduction experience will be helpful to those of you who suffer from similar issues and are maybe a bit shy about admitting it.

Don’t ever forget that YOU are the only one who lives in YOUR beautiful body, so YOU have the right to do whatever you feel is best for YOU and no one should ever tell you otherwise. Not caring about the opinion of others is what sets you free and makes you the happiest person on earth; think about that! 🙂

I take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your constant love and great support. I do not know yet if I will do a VLOG on my YouTube Channel about my breast reduction or if I will just keep it here on the blog, but what is sure is that I will be sharing this intense experience with you here on the blog soon so stay tuned.

If you have any questions or doubts, I will always be happy to get back to you.

Love you Girls!


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