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Burnout: There is no rainbow, without some rain

Dear Friends,

Today, I have decided to open up about something that I have been dying to share with you for a long time but I did not feel I had enough strength just yet.

Now, I received many many messages on Instagram, and guys, chill, I am fine, I am much stronger and better now, otherwise, I would not be able to share all this with you now, trust me. 🙂 Truth is, I am actually grateful for all the bad… but that explanation will be for later.

So there you go, here is exactly what I have experienced during my Burnout and I have truly nothing to be ashamed of.

Hope this will be helpful to you or any of your relatives going through this.

The truth behind my Burnout these past months

The explosion

October 2018

Caring too much, giving your best and giving all you can to the wrong “receiver” for too long.

The feeling is; there’s literally too much of everything, too much accumulated, too much negative energies each single day, resulting in too much things going against our values, ending up in an inside explosion.

A serious lack of humanity. Resulting in your mind and body collapsing. A panic attack full of really warm and huge tears, making it nearly impossible to breath or calm down.

The day and the weeks after

Feeling lost, really ashamed, confused and worthless.

Literally going from a life at 200% to 0% if not -200%.

Both your body and mind collapse and it’s like a blackout.

Crying non-stop and deep anxiety. The only way to “feel better” is to sleep. That way, you dream and aren’t conscious on what’s going on in your reality.

Please don’t take the medicine the doctor gives you. These pills may make you become addicted to it, so avoid them. Instead, get yourself  “the happiness trap -pocket version” book. This book really helped me when I was feeling at my worst.

When all this happens to you, It’s like your soul is out of your body and you see yourself and cry even more because it makes you so sad to see yourself like this.

You know you are a good and strong person/soul, yet this happens to you.

The months after

A bit later, the identity crisis starts and the anxiety is still there. I did not see a psychologist but instead I started to see a Kine therapist and she changed my life completely! Am still shocked about how magical she is to be honest. Am really thankful to had her crossing my path.

Meditation, sports like body balance and yoga can help calm down and breath deeply too. Avoid coffee for a while, since it’s famous for making you feel more anxious too.

The wake up call

The saddest part of all this, is that in these tough moments, we think we are the only one on this planet going through that, yet this happens to so so many of us.

I can’t count how many messages I received from you. Telling me that you either went through this or you are going through this right now. Some of you are only in your early 20’s and you already feel this, which is so young and really shows there’s a serious issue with the system we live in.

But we don’t talk about it, because it’s hard, we are feeling ashamed and it’s “taboo” as some of you wrote me.

Hard to understand what’s happening to us and hard to understand we actually are humans and we have limits.

Hard to to speak to our relatives, yet, it’s so important that you speak and share how you feel.

Vulnerability is not for the weak, you must be really brave to let yourself see vulnerable, to let people see that, we, my friends, are humans. Trust me, it will become your strength.

Also, it’s really hard because we are constantly exposed to all the happy life of everyone, be it in the online or offline world.

We all love sharing the good, positive and pretty, that’s a fact and it’s great because it inspires all of us to really try living our best life.

Yet, it’s as important to remain real and transparent also on the more ugly parts of life, because that can also inspire and give strength to others.

Doing it with some humor always works well. 🙂

Truth is, often, we wonder if other people actually ever go through this bad moments.

Yet, we already know the answer, we all do. No one has it easy all the time and that’s ok.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Wow. It is ok NOT to be perfect. Actually, what I have learned through this, is that accepting we aren’t and really don’t have to be as perfect as society says we should or we pressure ourself to be, is a real life changing and it simply feels so right and good.

– You feel like eating that piece of cake? Eat it, enjoy it!

– You feel like sleeping all day and do nothing because you are tired or not feeling good today? Have a rest!

– You feel like running many km? Go for it!

– You feel like traveling? Pack your bag, don’t forget your passport, and go somewhere!

We must understand and remember who we really are inside before listening to whom society, our family or our friends believe we should be.

Then one day, you will wake up and you will be you 100% again, if not now “200% of beautiful imperfect real you”.

That day, you will smile and feel peace in your mind.

You will remember/know, who you really are and the game changes.

You won’t ever settle again for less than that. You won’t stick around negative energies and won’t let society making you compromise your own values. Because values are a serious thing linked to burnouts, which we at first, clearly underestimate.

Now, THIS day, my friends, will be one of the most important, beautiful and positive of your life.

The final outcome of my burnout?

Personally, today, I am happy, peaceful and thankful. I am not sure where I am going with my life but I feel, deep inside, that it will be beautiful.

I know who I am and I love the imperfect person I have allowed myself to become. I even high-five myself sometimes when nobody’s watching! Haha… Self-love and care is the key, not selfies obviously! 😉

Today, I am really thankful for ALL this tough moments and all the “bad people” that crossed my way, because I would not be who and where I am, if I would not have gone through this.

Life has a funny way of leading us to who we are meant to be, where we are meant to be and what we are meant to do. 

On a less deeper note, I don’t know what is going on lately but my digital creative adventure is working better and better, resulting in exciting partnerships and cool work opportunities coming up soon.

Amazing giveaways for you are coming too and I really want to take my blog/Insta to a deeper level, telling and showing you much more on the real life and behind the scenes.

I am a bit overwhelmed but really happy and I really can’t wait to continue this creative and lovely digital adventure with each one of you!

Ps: if you are struggling now in whichever of your situation, don’t rush. Take a step back. Take time for yourself until you feel like you are becoming yourself again. Don’t say: “I don’t have time for this or to stop a minute”. You must make your well-being your priority. There’s no life without you in it. Take good care of you, no matter what.

Then, be brave enough to move on by doing what’s best for YOURSELF. 

Thank you for reading and for listening to me on my Instagram stories. I am the happiest to be part of our lovely, transparent and caring community.


I love you!


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