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Fashion Trends SS18: Back in the 80’s, will you dare?

Hello my Lovelies! It’s time to talk about the SS18 fashion trends and see whether we will dare to adopt these tendencies or not… Here are the 5 ultimate trends which I spotted during the SS18 fashion catwalks.

1) Ice cream Pastel colors


From all the SS18 trends, pastel colors is probably one of my favorite trend. There is nothing nicer than wearing some pastel colors on a tanned skin and this makes me say that I cannot wait for warmer days. Pastel colors are not only girly and sweet looking shades that can be incorporated with almost any color but they can also be mixed and matched with other pastels, as well as neutral colors. Now, it does not matter, whether your style is a bit edgy like mine or you have a more classy style, we will all be able to wear pastels and look a bit like pretty and dreamy ice cream shades. Personally, I love these tones because I find them extremely sweet and delicate, oh and yes again, they will make our summer glow look even greater, so that is a big plus too! Here are three pieces I like and which have convinced me to adopt this delicious and sweet SS18 trend; A cute pair of pastel yellow pants by Esprit, a lilac dress by Boohoo and a pastel pink sweater also from Esprit.

2) It’s all about Crayola colors & Jumpsuits


While red was THE color of the last fashion season, designers have decided to not only keep this gorgeous tomato color for this SS18 but to also actually get deeply inspired by the full primary colors of the first Crayola palette you ever owned. Whether it is ketchup red, bright pink, emerald green, purple or canary yellow, this SS18 will be full of color pop statement pieces and jumpsuits, so I must admit I like it! The world nowadays is often too greyish so some happy colors can only do well to it. Now, if head to toe brights jumpsuits, like this pretty yellow piece from Boohoo, are not your cup of tea, there will always be a way to wear the Crayola colors with prints, making it more “wearable” like this jumpsuit from TopShop. Not only this will be easier to wear but also, it will make your outfits even more stylish.

3) Denim from head to toes


Remember the one-piece denim you wore when singing out loud your favorite Britney Spears’ songs early 2000? Well, this year, the total jeans-look is back! I am not sure whether that trend makes me happy or not, but I think it actually kind of does! I would have never thought I would see the return of tailored denim, but then, I did not realize it would look this good again! I definitely give this trend a second chance and fell for this full denim look; jeans jacket like this one and pants like these both from Esprit and those cute denim slippers here from MyTheresa.

4) Fanny Packs

Gucci fanny pack

We have started to see these weird fanny packs thingies we thought we would never ever see nor wear ever again in our life since what? 25 years ago? I remember my lovely Mom had a bunch of fanny packs in fluorescent colors and I first thought it was weird but then, somehow I would not leave the house anymore without my “so fancy” fanny pack (I of course only had $2.99 of pocket money in it for some candies). So there we are again? 25 years later, I regret to inform you all these fanny packs are back to life and they seem to be everywhere since Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Sportmax have found a way to make me say that fanny packs can actually look pretty awesome! Again, at first I was like “What?” but then, I fell for the way Gucci made magic by mixing the old fanny pack with their Marmont collection. Their design look SO contemporary and chic. It definitely became much chicer than my Mom’s fluo belt bag back in the 90’s.

5) Sportswear & Print on Print


Who said you cannot look cool and stylish when sweating at the gym in your Dad’s old shellsuit? While we were kind of celebrating the 70’s last year, well 2018 is the new 80s! That’s right, my lovelies, the shellsuit and the popping colors are back. Now, if you are not ready to wear some fluo shellsuits, do not worry, you are not alone and you will probably prefer to opt for the other sportswear trend, which is my go-to and is made of “normal-wearable” sportswear. However, to look fancy, your sportswear must be both colorful and have some pretty cool prints on them like this pretty Esprit Yoga/Sport pants and this Adidas sport jacket. Cherry on the sports-fashion pie? Mix the prints and the colors, you will be surprised with the result (in a good way I promise).

Now, question for you my Lovelies, will you dare wearing these trends?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post about some of my favorite SS18 trends and if you did so, please click on the heart button below, it is quickly done and would mean a lot to me.

See you again soon on the blog for exciting new posts!

Muaks, Muaks



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