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Lollipop Breast Reduction: I did it!

Good morning my Lovelies! That’s it, I can’t believe it’s done! My boobies are FINALLY smaller, feel way lighter (1kg of boobies gone!) and they seem to look pretty awesome already. They seem to now be the way they always should have been. For the record, I had my breast reduction done yesterday, exactly 24 hours ago from this moment I am writing this lollipop breast reduction blog post to you.

Yesterday, August 22, 2018, my lovely Mama woke up with me at 5:40am and brought me to the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bern, Switzerland, where I had to be at 7:00am sharp. Usually, it is hard for me to wake up THAT early but strangely, yesterday I was fully awake at the first irritating alarm sound on my iPhone. I did not sleep much the night before the operation because I was freaking out a bit to be honest but having the love and support of my lovely family, beloved boyfriend, friends and so many of YOU on Instagram really helped me to stay strong and positive.

7:00am – Good morning Nurse / Goodbye my Savings

We arrived at the Clinic in Bern at 7am on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

I paid my operation in cash (not sure what hurts the most… spending ALL my savings account in 1 second or the surgery itself)

7:15am – See you later Mama / What? No way, not today!

Once the payment was made and some information were given to us, my sweet Mom left to head to work. At that moment, I was ok as I knew I was going to be well taken care of, since a few of my friends got operated at the same clinic before and I really liked my surgeon, the minute I met him.

The only thing is that I was scared inside and that made my stomach pretty upset just after the payment. I won’t go through these unglamorous details but well I am just a human.

As if having a big operation was not enough, I went to the bathroom to have one last look at my big boobies, saying “Hey darlings, it was cool sometimes with you, but now it’s time to say goodbye!”. Then, I discovered that my monthly gift had arrived… I let you imagine how confused I felt. Luckily, the Doctor told me that having your periods during an operation is NOT dangerous at all and that although I had read on internet (SO MUCH BULLSHIT) that you cannot wear a tampon, both my male Surgeon and Anesthetist told me I could totally wear one, thank GOD for that. NEVER thought I would talk about such subjects with the opposite sex neither here on the blog, but well, it is life and I believe we should all be more chill and open about this kind of things, cause we are ALL the same.

7:20am – Good Morning Anesthetist / Time for Happy Pills

At 7:20am, the Anesthetist welcomed me and we went through a few questionnaires with questions such as; Do you smoke? (I don’t.) Do you have any sickness or allergies? (Just some eczema), etc. The typical check-up questions they ask you before any operation basically. Then he explained me quiet in details how my full anesthesia was going to be and that the operation was going to start at 8am sharp (So Swiss haha) and that it would last about 3 hours and a half. I told him I was a bit petrified but he was really good at reassuring me. This 50-something Swiss German man is such a lovely soul. After our meeting, he gave me a “happy” pill… the kind of pill that makes it all chill and cool. Wish I could get some at home for when I get too stressed in my life haha.

7:40am – Good Morning wonderful Doctor B. / Drawing art on my big boobies

I had to wait before taking the “happy” pill because I still had to meet with my Surgeon for a last chat and for him to paint some art on my boobies with a pen. Such an artist! That is basically when your Surgeon shows you what he will do and how he will do it.

I remember that the last things I said to my lovely Surgeon, Doctor B., before heading to the operation room, was: “Doctor, I know you are the best and very professional but please kindly ensure my boobies become small, perky, light, well-up and round. Oh and that I can do this terrifying test by placing a pen under my boobs and it falls; Since that has not been the case for me since I was 14 years old”. To what he told me, “Yes, that is what everyone wants in general” and he made a little reassuring smile and wink.

Haha, can you tell I am a total control freak all the way till the operation room? We had to laugh. J

8:00am – Tic, Tac, Tic, Tac / The Operation room

I went back to the small room where I would recover after the op and there I took the magic pill and (tic, tac, tic, tac) it was “Swiss” time for me to enter in the operation room. I could feel the pill starting to make effect, I felt SO chill. They installed all the things around me (heart pulsation screen, electrodes on my head to analyze my sleep, the needle in my left hand vein, etc.)

8:10am to 11:20am – Anesthesia is spreading / Let the magic begin

My anesthesia went very well, I could feel the liquid a bit in my veins spreading all over my body, and it was a bit strange but I felt ok. They also placed an oxygen mask on my face (yes like in Greys Anatomy). Then, last thing I said (that I can remember) was that I felt the anesthesia going all the way up to my neck and it was…

Bam, I was unconscious, sleeping deeply without feeling anything nor seeing anything. I kind of wished deeply inside that I could see/speak with my sweet Grandma and Godfather who passed away and I truly miss, but sadly they did not come see me. It was simply like when you sleep and you don’t dream. Just relaxing, while getting your body open and so on. Quiet strange and hard to truly understand how anesthesia works and where your soul and conscious go while under anesthesia… if death feels the same, then people should enjoy life to the max and not be too scared for their older days because it will always be ok. Sounds a bit philosophic and deep, I know, sorry for that.

11:20am – Still sleeping / C’est what meine language déjà?

My lollipop breast reduction operation lasted 3 hours and a half and then I slept in the recovery room till 1:30pm, sounds a lot to me but at the same time, it went like the blink of an eye. One minute I was in the operation room feeling the anesthesia products spreading in my veins, the next one, I was sleeping in my recovery bed, hearing some women speaking in Swiss German, but could still not really open my eyes.

I think the nurse came to check me out very often and apparently, at 7am I was speaking with them a bit in Swiss German, then switched to French (my mother tongue) but strangely after the operation I spoke to the nurses ONLY in English. To the point, the nurse asked the others whether they were sure I do speak any French or Swiss German at all. Once I was more awake, the nurse told me this and we both laughed quiet hard. Crazy funny how the brain works sometimes.

2:00pm – Time to wake up and say Welcome to my small boobies!

After 6 hours and a half, I was fully conscious again (or so I thought haha) and started to feel a bit the pain on my breast, mainly on the right side, where Doctor B. had to remove a bit more due to previous asymmetry. I looked down at my breast and OMG that wonderful feeling. They had put me bandages on my nipples and my post-operation surgery bra on already. I am SO happy with my small boobies, although I am freaking out of the idea of taking my bra off and see how I look with the lollipop scars and a breast size I last had when I was only 12 years old, having it now at the age of 28. What a life change!

3:00pm – Thank you wonderful Doctor B., see you next week for the post-op rendezvous.

24 hours post operation / I am doing ok

How I feel after 24 hours lollipop breast reduction surgery? I feel fine. I did not throw up or felt badly after the anesthesia at all. I just have to take a lot of pain killers; such as Dafalgan and another one I can’t remember the name… My Surgeon told me I could shower today (24 hours after the operation) but I prefer to only shower my lower body part and wash the rest with baby wipes, just to be on the safe side for the first days.

Got to love the lollipops!

As I got the lollipop breast reduction incision, I can move and do stuff way better than if I would have gotten the anchor incision. I mean, I just need to take it easy and do things slow but I am surprised how well I am doing. My Mom had taken days off to help me out but apart from not being able to lift things, I can do it almost all alone and it’s just been 24 hours since my operation! I am REALLY impressed actually of how well I am doing. The only tough part is to find a good position to sleep. I did not sleep much last night because of discomfort mainly, not really the pain. Now the challenge will be to find a good position as I usually always sleep on my belly and now I won’t be able to sleep that way for a while. I decided to sleep on my Ikea sofa-bed and placed pillows all around me to avoid turning and getting hurt. I also placed a pillow under my back so that I am a bit elevated. Hope my next nights will be better.

Thank you for reading & #staytuned for updates

I think I told you pretty much all regarding my first 24 hours breast reduction post operation, am going to go rest a bit now.

Quick 48 Hours Post Surgery feedback

Just for the record, I was still under some good medicine at the moment I wrote this post. Right after it and the following 48 hours I was totally KO on my sofa-bed we set up as recovery bed. The pain in my breast is there and it comes and goes. Sleeping really is tough, especially that I have lower back pains of always being in the same position. Am full of Dafalgan (taking 5 a day) and am not hungry. All this is not comfortable at all but I know my result will be worth suffering.

As promised I will keep you posted here regularly on the blog with my post operation updates as I know there are not that many bloggers who are willing to open up and share about such important topics. I personally made many researches before my operation as I wanted to feel as reassured as possible and I really felt the lack of reviews on getting a lollipop breast reduction. Most reviews are about the anchor incision, which seems to be much tougher to recover from than my lollipop breast reduction.

Quick 5 days Post Surgery feedback

Oleeee! Last night I could finally sleep in one shot and today I only had 1 pain killer instead of 5! I am feeling much better on day 5 post surgery and even felt like trying on a dress all by myself without screaming of pain. So things are looking pretty awesome. Only thing is… Today is Monday and although it’s been 5 days I finally have the small boobies I wished to have so badly, I STILL did not get brave enough to look at them. Sounds really stupid knowing how impatient and curious I am for everything but this my friends, is a big deal for me. I have a meeting with my Surgeon on Wednesday August 29 so will most likely say hello to my boobies the first time in the presence of wonderful Doctor B. Not very intimate indeed but well, let’s see. By the way, I will be driving to Bern, so wish me luck! Haha but yeah, should be alright.

Hope this blog post and my personal experience/opinion will be of a great help to those of you who consider getting a lollipop breast reduction. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will be more than happy to help you.

I will be sharing before/after pictures with you but allow me to get a bit better first and to get time to remove all the pads and the mini bandage that protect my cute little perky boobies.

Taking this opportunity once again to tell you how thankful I am to have such wonderful souls like yours, reading my blog posts and following my adventures on Instagram, YouTube and here on the blog.

Billions of thanks for your love and support and ALL your messages, which went straight to my heart.

Love you guys and I see you again soon for my breast reduction updates!

Muaks, Muaks


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