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Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 with MAC Cosmetics

Hello beautiful souls! Welcome back on the blog. Today I am sharing with you a bit of my dreamy and amazing experience last month at Montreux Jazz Festival 2018, where MAC Cosmetics invited us to spend two days and one night in beautiful Montreux, Switzerland.

Last year MAC Cosmetics invited us to the Locarno Film Festival 2017, where we had loads of fun filming my first VLOG ever. This year, I was super happy when I received the invite to join MAC at Montreux Jazz Festival 2018.

Since MAC Cosmetics is the official Makeup Artists of the festival, I could pick the date and concerts of my choice. Now, some of you may have noticed that I really loved Avicii and felt deeply touched by his story like many of you. He was an amazing soul with so much talent and a true kind heart, who left us way too early.


Thus, when I saw that I could get tickets for Aloe Blacc’s concerts with whom Avicii wrote one of his biggest success “Wake me up”, I directly picked these tickets, despite knowing the official MAC bloggers event was taking place on the following day. It was simply a decision made with my heart, and I do not regret it, although I would have loved to reunite with my MAC girls. I got goosebumps when he sang the last song and felt happy to be part of a tribute to Avicii at Montreux Jazz Festival 2018.


Now, on a happier note, this weekend with MAC was simply SO much fun. I took my fav’ “Spanish Caliente Ole” Partner in crime with me and we had a blast.

Saturday started in a pretty cool way as I first had a hair styling appointment, followed by my lash extensions appointment to refresh the Bambi eyes haha. Then, I jumped in my car again and we went straight to Montreux.


It was SO hot on Saturday; it reminded me of our crazy hot day last year in Locarno. We checked-in at our super cute Villa Toscane, which is part of the hotel Royal Plaza Montreux & Spa, at around 4:30pm. The room was really nice and the villa perfectly situated right next to Montreux Jazz Festival 2018.

Then at 5pm, the sweet and talented Claudia came directly to our room to do my makeup. I was SUPER happy to see her again and to get my makeup done by her again. Last time it was for the launching of MAC Studio Fix products and I loved the result, so I knew this time she was going to ace it again! 🙂


Claudia asked me what I wanted and I trust her a lot of course so simply told her she was free to do whatever she wanted. I just wanted something fresh and with a bit of contouring, to make both my face and nose look a bit thinner. I don’t know why I am getting a bit obsessed with the latter… but well, we all have our little beauty tricks to look at our best, don’t we?

I was impatient to see the results as for the first time of my life; I got someone to do my makeup without seeing me in a mirror, so the surprise effect was there. I absolutely love to get my MAC makeup done by Claudia because she is very professional, sweet and gives the best advices. I wish I could adopt her and I think by now she knows it! Haha


Claudia picked my favorite MAC fix spray in Coconut and then my fav’ tones for my eye shadow; dark brown, black and a touch of gold in the inside parts of my eyes to highlight my look. I love how she gave me that “Cat eyes” look, I really felt myself with this makeup.

She also did some “I got a sunburn on my face” effect, which has become super trendy lately during the past fashion shows. It actually looked super good!


I think we should all learn a bit (if not a lot) from Claudia, as she actually starts by doing the eyes makeup first and then finishes up with the foundation and contouring, rather than the opposite. I always start with foundation first but I think now I will try to change this habit.

To finish-up this summer glam look, Claudia applied a nude color on my lips, which literally felt like it was my own lips color. I absolutely love the result and SO wish this makeup was permanent!

Around 6pm, I was ready to go visit the Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 ’ s backstage. We got our Visitor Accreditations and then went to meet quickly again with Claudia, since she and another lovely MAC Cosmetics Makeup Artist are working in the backstage during the whole festival as official Makeup Partners to take care of all the artists.


I loved to see the girls there and to hear their dreamy stories about famous singers and artists spontaneously singing acapella, while getting their makeup done. Must be a really unique experience, lucky girls! J

After a lovely chat with the girls, it was time for us to discover the other backstage parts of Montreux Jazz Festival 2018.

We saw:

1) The room where Artists can relax

2) MAC Cosmetics Backstage Studio

3) The busy corridors, where all the staff and media are working

4) The top-secret room, where all instruments are preciously kept and prepared for the artists

5) The Visual and Audio production department

6) Aloe Blacc and Zucchero’s Concerts

A huge thanks to MAC Cosmetics team, especially Rita and Claudia for having us at Montreux Jazz Festival 2018. I feel truly blessed and happy to be part of such an exciting and lovely family as MAC Cosmetics Switzerland and all the Estee Lauder Company, based in Zurich.


Hope you Girls enjoyed reading about this unique experience with MAC Cosmetics at Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 and I will see you again soon on the blog!

Muaks, Muaks


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