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Should I trade my crypto ?

The best investment books 📚 all say the same:

👉🏽 it is impossible to trade in and out of the markets and do better than if you just bought and held your asset forever.

🧐 The proof? Fidelity, one of the largest asset managers, did a study showing that the investors with the best performance over time are those who are... DEAD. 😵

Yes, you read it right. Deceased people are the best investors. Why? 🤔 Because they can't trade anymore: they are technically being forced to "hold their assets forever and never sell" (which is proven to be the best investing strategy to build wealth).💰

Now, take these facts and apply them to #crypto . And it will just work the same.

👉🏽 As counter intuitive as it sounds, the best crypto investors are those who regularly buy (say weekly or monthly) and NEVER SELL.

👉🏽 You are tricking yourself if you believe that crypto markets going up and down like crazy, makes it easy to "buy low and sell high" and repetitively make money.

If you try to do so, it might work once or twice (call it "LUCK"🍀) but you will end up losing money on average in the long term or at least will do less well than your grandma 👵🏽 to whom you just set up Bitcoin monthly recurring buys forever and who doesn't even know how to sell. 😆

❌ What's even worse: when you try to trade the markets (buy and sell all the time), you actually ruin your mental health and your sleep, which are much more valuable than actual money. 🧘🏽‍♂️ All this, to end up losing at this game at the end of the day, month or year.

✅ Once you understand these FACTS, successful investing becomes pretty much a no brainer: just BUY regularly your favorite (crypto) asset and hold it forever. Do not let your ego come on the way of your successful investing side hustle! 🙅🏽‍♂️ You'll not only sleep better at night but you'll also make more money than all your friends who like to sound smart and think they can make money with short term trading. ✌🏽😊

Source and content in collaboration with @crypto.with.kev

Stay tuned for more info on web3 !


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Hi ! Coucou ! Hola !

I am Cíndy, a 32yo Swiss Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger since 2016.


Ex-Wedding & Events Planner across the globe, I am now working as Creative Digital Consultant & Coach at my own small biz CocoStories Agency.


I write blog posts in order to inspire and motivate Millennials & Gen Z women to invest in themselves and their future:

Financially, Mentally & Physically.

Proving & showing women in English, French and Spanish language that Crypto and Investing ain't just a geek guy thing!

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