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Hey Guys! Maybe I should rather say “Girls” for this particular post… Hihi

A few days ago, I attended the launching event of the Tally Beauty Lausanne concept which initially only existed in Zurich. At the moment, there are only two Tally Beauty Salons in Switzerland but having discovered this cool new concept in live, I bet many more Tally Beauty will start popping up all around Switzerland.

To be honest, I am no longer fitting in Tally Weijl clothes since a few years now, I mean I used to shop there when I was a teenager so that’s like more than 10 years ago (Gosh I am OLD). So, I actually traveled a bit back in time when entering again at Tally Weijl in Lausanne and it felt really nice. Tally Weijl definitely has cool pieces that we, “old” twenty something & young thirty something peeps, could still totally wear. Especially the cool shirts with fun captions on them and some pretty and fluid tops, plus cool and edgy boots, just to cite a few.

Anyways, enough about clothes and me being old! Tally Beauty Lausanne is a little Millennial beauty gem situated at the top floor of Tally Weijl Shop at Rue Pichard 2 in Lausanne. Being a Styling and tropical Californian vibes freak, I really like the interior design of the Tally Beauty Salon. I mean, it’s just SO girly; their wallpaper is full of palm trees’ leaves prints and the Tally Beauty logo is in pink neon light, which makes you feel at ease and like you are having a little holiday away from work and the daily stress.

Regarding their services, at Tally Beauty Lausanne, you will be able to get your shellac or gel nails, pedicure, waxing and they are even specialized in gorgeous and long lash extensions, all this done by two really sweet girls. Prices at Tally Beauty Lausanne are relatively good compared to the other beauty salons in Lausanne, but that surely does not mean that the quality is not there.

So if you girls are living or travelling near Lausanne and you are looking for a fun place to have your lashes or nails done, I shall see you soon at Tally Beauty Lausanne!

Muaks, Muaks,


tally beauty lausanne
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