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Web3 is the next generation of the internet

Web3 is the next generation of the internet: the internet of value.

🚀 Web3 and crypto are changing the game in about every industry:

1) Bitcoin is “unstoppable money”, it is the best long term store of value ever engineered. Think of it as digital property with a totally fixed supply. It is designed to protect the people against fiat currencies devaluation (central banks money printing) and has been working wonderfully well at this task, being up about 9,000,000% in value versus the USD since it was created in 2009.

2) Ethereum is “unstoppable code”. Think of it as the IOS or the Android for decentralized applications. The Ethereum platform helped build a few killer apps that are changing the world as we speak:

👉🏽 Stablecoins (crypto backed USD): enabling anyone to send money 24/7 within minutes to anyone else no matter who they are or where they are, by skipping the banking system and at a fraction of the costs.

👉🏽 Decentralized finance: enabling people to earn interests on their cash easily. It is fairly easy to earn 10-20% on your cash in the crypto ecosystem versus 0% in your bank. In other words, you can earn passive income and retire early just thanks to this crypto “killer app” - interests on your money.

👉🏽 NFTs : a non-fungible token (NFT) in its simplest form is any kind of digital file that you can personally own and whose ownership is proven publicly. NFTs are probably one of the biggest killer app in crypto, enabling the creation of economies around communities that are similar to “private membership clubs” and that can l only be accessed if you own a certain NFT. NFTs are changing how artists showcase and sell their artwork, how bands interact with their fans and how brands can build even stronger relationships with their customers by turning them into true evangelists.

The amazing thing? 🧐 You can invest early in the underlying Web3 platforms by buying a bit of BTC and ETH regularly, while the biggest generational wealth transfer (from the boomers to the millennials and genZ) is happening and thus build a better future for yourself 💰

Source in collaboration with @crypto.with.kev

Stay tuned for more info on web3 !



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Hi ! Coucou ! Hola !

I am Cíndy, a 32yo Swiss Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger since 2016.


Ex-Wedding & Events Planner across the globe, I am now working as Creative Digital Consultant & Coach at my own small biz CocoStories Agency.


I write blog posts in order to inspire and motivate Millennials & Gen Z women to invest in themselves and their future:

Financially, Mentally & Physically.

Proving & showing women in English, French and Spanish language that Crypto and Investing ain't just a geek guy thing!

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