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Why you should NOT trade your crypto!

Welcome back to your Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions.

We teach you how to start investing for and in yourself.

Here’s why you should NOT trade your crypto :

1) If you trade, you are going to underperform just simply buying the asset and holding it in the long term.

2) You are gonna absolutely ruin your mental health ! You are gonna try to get in and out of these crypto markets, which are very volatile and it’s gonna completely ruin your sleep, give you massive stress and anxiety level !

WHY would you try to trade to ruin your mental health and at the same time underperform a simple “buy and hold” strategy ? It just makes NO sense !


Our content is about education, not advice.

These are our only official accounts: @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista

Please ignore any other account(s) pretending to be one of us, use your common sense.

We will never contact you first, ask you questions or send you any DM or email asking you to click on any links!

Thanks for reading ! See you next week for a new Q&A based on YOUR questions !

Big hugs,


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Hi ! Coucou ! Hola !

I am Cíndy, a 32yo Swiss Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger since 2016.


Ex-Wedding & Events Planner across the globe, I am now working as Creative Digital Consultant & Coach at my own small biz CocoStories Agency.


I write blog posts in order to inspire and motivate Millennials & Gen Z women to invest in themselves and their future:

Financially, Mentally & Physically.

Proving & showing women in English, French and Spanish language that Crypto and Investing ain't just a geek guy thing!

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