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Why You Should Try a Natural Skin Routine this Fall

Hi my Lovelies! Today, I am happy to share with you a new guest post written by Amy Mia. We hope you will enjoy trying some natural skin routine this fall.

Because life’s short and you deserve the best that the beauty industry can offer. Everyone’s talking about organic skincare lately, it seems like the hottest new trend that promises all sorts of things, from superior anti-aging benefits, to virtually no side-effects. So, how much of this is true? If you’re curious about whether natural products are something that you should try for yourself, let’s take a look at some of the things they can do for you.

1) They’re good for the environment

Organic products are made with less pesticides, synthetic chemicals, and artificial fertilizers than most other things, and while normal products aren’t really bad for us, sometimes the process of making them can damage the environment. The soil can easily degrade from the overuse of some of these chemicals, so the beauty ingredients used for organic cosmetics are treated with natural pesticides, or things that are not as damaging to our environment. Some studies also show that certain chemical ingredients used in the making of various products can pile up in the human body and cause some damage over time, and organic cosmetics tries to avoid this as much as possible.

2) They’re excellent for people with skin problems

For all of us gals with sensitive skin who are prone to breakouts whenever there’s even a mildly irritating ingredient in our products, organic skincare is a blessing. Psoriasis, rosacea, and other problems can be really tough to deal with, and not having the right way to address these issues can be a blow to our confidence. Luckily, most organic products are paraben-free, and a lot of attention is paid to not using any of the common ingredients that could potentially cause an allergic reaction.

3) They are really effective

It’s not just sensitive skin that benefits from these products. Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr has her own line, Kora Organics products, and she practices a completely cruelty-free lifestyle and uses only natural products. If a hot supermodel loves organic cosmetics, you can imagine how good it must actually be. If you have trouble finding moisturizers, serums, and cleansers that really work, you could give something organic a shot. You want to make sure to read the labels, though.

Some shady companies like to slap on false claims, so only buy from verified brands, like Kora Organics, SheaMoisture, La Tierra Sagrada, Ilia, RMS, and others on this list. Glowing, healthy skin is every woman’s dream, and we know we all love to pamper it, and treat ourselves to quality products that actually produce results.

4) They offer protection from premature aging

Mineral-based makeup and skincare generally has a certain amount of natural sun protection in it. We all know that we have to use sunscreen daily, but reapplying it can often be a big issue if you have to spend most of your time outside. Organic cosmetics generally gives you an added little layer of protection, and it’s full of anti-oxidants and other goodies that care gently for your skin. About 80% of signs of aging actually come from sun damage, and retaining your youthfulness generally boils down to using a lot of SPF, and caring for your skin through the use of right products.

You don’t have to throw all of your regular products away and switch everything up. There are a lot of companies that make excellent things even though they aren’t “natural.” However, the organic trend is rising, and a lot of celebrities and healthcare professionals and praising the immense benefits of it, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Grab one or two products and try them out for a couple of months. See how your respond to them and whether they make any difference compared to what you generally use. You might end up finding your new holy grail.

This post has been written by Amy Mia for BellezaRebel. Amy Mia is an Aussie blogger in love with beauty and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all her passions and make blogging friends along the way. You can find Amy Mia on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo credit: Honesty for your skin


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