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3 days in Ibiza

Hey guys! Hope you are well and that you are enjoying this exciting beginning of the summer as much as I do. As some of you saw on my Instagram (@Cocorebelista), I just spent the last few days in Ibiza and really did not want to leave this gorgeous “Isla Blanca” full of charming white houses, giant cactus and turquoise waters.

It literally took me 27 years to FINALLY visit the island… (Stating my age clearly does not make me feel any younger). The reason why I waited THAT long is mainly because like many of you, I had some prejudice about Ibiza as it is famous for being an expensive party animal island… yes you know, full of Barbies with fake boobs, drunk tattooed dudes with fake tanned muscles and super loud electronic music.

Now, although I did see excessively many perfect boobies and crazy peeps, I must say that what people say about the magic of this Island is quiet true. Having lived and worked in Mallorca and Tarifa, I was sure that the beaches there where the most dreamy ones in Spain. Guess what, I was wrong.

Ibiza has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in Europe. I think I really would have never left the island if we had spent a day in sublime Formentera! This latter island is even of another level but sadly, we did not have enough time to go there. I hope that we will soon!

Anyways, as many of you have asked me for tips on where to stay and the beaches ‘names with the turquoise shades water you saw on some Instagram pictures and stories, I thought I would share my short stay experience with you. So grab your bikini and follow me!

Where to stay in Ibiza?


Ibiza is full of beautiful yet expensive hotels. There is plenty of choice here but we personally were neither looking for something too pricey nor for a big hotel chain such as Ushuaia. We were rather seeking to experiment the boohoo and chill vibes, all this, while watching gorgeous sunset offered by our beautiful Mother Nature for free. I personally really wanted to stay at an Airbnb white villa with many big cactus and a nice light blue swimming pool but we booked our gateway in Ibiza so late that all nice and affordable villas where already booked. So first advice to you my Lovelies, BOOK in advance.


After a bit more research online, we ended up on (my favorite website to book hotels) and we found one of the best deal at a super cute and lovely hotel called “Hostal La Torre” in Cap Negret. Although the reviews were all excellent, I was a bit worried because this hotel is only ranked with 1 star.

We rented a car at the airport for something like only 20€ per day (including full insurance and gasolina) and then drove to Hostal La Torre. As soon as we got there, I fell in love with the relaxing vibes of this small boutique hotel and its breathtaking view. I mean, last time I had a yummy breakfast with such a view was 4 years ago in Greece. Everything at this hotel was lovely. The staff was super nice, the rooms are clean and the view was to cry for! The only “down” side is that you must have a car and there is no swimming pool. That is the only reason why this place must only be rated 1 star, because in my opinion it is worth a 4 star.

Then on Sundays, they organize a yoga class at 9am and it was definitely a wonderful yoga class with a lovely Greek teacher. I really found it hard to close my eyes not to look at this stunning sea view. After the yoga class, we had a relaxing massage, followed by a yummy breakfast with freshly baked warm croissants, poached eggs with salmon and avocado… a true dream.

I definitely recommend Hostal La Torre to you guys, because not only it is as amazing as stated above but also, the terrace of their restaurant has the most astonishing views on Ibiza sunsets.


Where to jump in crystal turquoise waters?


During your next trip to Ibiza, you must go to Cala Tarida and Cala Comte.

Then to be even more amazed, book at least one day trip to Formentera and go swim with mermaids in one of the prettiest waters in the world.

What should you not miss in Ibiza?


The beaches, the sunsets… all of the above and you should also go to the Las Dalias Hippi Market that takes place every Saturdays. Once you are there, get yourself a fresh fruit smoothie (Watermelon with Strawberry is my fav’!) and get yourself some cute white boohoo dress, colorful pompoms sandals or dream catchers as souvenirs.

When is the best time to visit Ibiza?


I would say definitely May or September because it is not too busy and the weather is nice and warm. Try to avoid it in summer (June to August) because the beaches will be overcrowded and you will not feel the nice Ibiza relaxing vibes if that is what you are looking for.

More exclusive photos here below! 🙂

Tic, tac, tic, tac, it’s your time to jump in the plane now, so grab your white bikinis and enjoy every minute!

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Muaks, Muaks



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