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We Stayed 2 Nights in Geneva with a 100 CHF Gift Card

A Girls' weekend, rediscovering Geneva

Geneva chocolate tasting, old town history, delicious food and wine tasting, ending up the weekend with a memorable 1 hour relaxing massage.

We had a blast last weekend with my sweet friend Carina, rediscovering Geneva with brand new eyes and I can’t tell you how many delicious food and wine we got to try, as well as how nice it was to stroll in the city and learning it’s history...

You can use it at restaurants, on activities and even to substract on your hotel room stay!

Our Hotel in Geneva

We got the chance to stay at Le Metropole Geneva

Firstly, I arrived at Le Metropole Hotel in Geneva on Friday night, after a 3h30 hours drive all the way from Zürich. I was tired but that feeling did not last long as I quickly got really happy to discover that the junior suite I was going to stay in for the next 2 nights, was the room we filmed a makeup Clinique campaign back in Summer 2017 ! Such happy memories ! I guess this was a sign. :)

The luxury five-star Metropole Geneva is a boutique hotel overlooking lake Geneva. It's ideally located on the left bank of the lake, in the heart of the central business and shopping districts and a short walk from the Jet d'Eau and the old town.

After checking-in at this gorgeous hotel and suite, my friend Joyce joined me for a dinner and cocktails at Le Mirror Bar. It's a very chic, intimate bar all decorated in red and it felt really cozy. It is an unmissable place on the left bank of Geneva for business people and shopping addicts who gather around the classics' selection and their barmen & chef creations. The cozy atmosphere and view on the Lake give it a unique ambiance.

After the dinner, I went back to my room and had a relaxing "rain shower" in the gorgeous white/grey marble bathroom of the junior suite. I wish I had this bathroom at home ! Then, I jumped in my bed and slept like a baby.

On Saturday morning, my friend Carina joined me at the hotel and we had a delicious breakfast in @le_metropole_geneve gorgeous junior suite. Definitely my favorite room and hotel to stay at while in Geneva! We had a small pajama party together and I wish I could spend quality time like this more often with my girl friends.

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What to do in Geneva: Geneva chocolate tasting & old town history guided walking tour.

Around 11am, we met with our lovely Local Flavours Geneva Chocolate Tour Guide, Céline, at the lobby and got to rediscover the city and its history. We started by having a yummy Ladurée hot chocolate on the go and took a boat to the other rive, while passing right next to the Geneva water jet. We then got to visit many chocolate boutiques and tasted a variety of their delicious sweets. It was really nice to walk around Geneva and discovering it under a new eye. Céline guided us and explained us some historical stories as well as the Escalade tradition, while we walked in the old town. We even got to break the dark chocolate marmite as Geneva people traditionally do and we had a lot of fun doing it!

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3 Rue de Soleure 1207, Genève, Switzerland

An authentic Grill House, where the Maine lobster with black curry, coconut milk and lemongrass is the yummiest I tasted in Switzerland, so far!

At the end of the tour, our tour guide, Céline, accompanied us to a beautiful restaurant, Chez Philippe, where we had a delicious lunch and dessert.

Chef Philippe Chevrier is the most renown Genevan chef. Located in the Passage des Lions, an excellent address for a restaurant for "carnivores", Chez Philippe might be taken for a micro-enclave of New York in the heart of Geneva.

Contact information:

PHONE +41 (0)22 316 16 16

ADDRESS Passage des Lions Rue du Rhône 8, 1204 Genève

Discovering Geneva’s beautiful countryside, just 20 minutes away from the city center. Strolling along the vineyards and enjoy a sip of Geneva’s finest wines with a plate of cold cuts and cheeses!

After our lunch, we jumped in a cute Tuk Tuk @taxibike and though it was a bit freezing, our kind driver covered us with blankets to stay warm! That definitely was a fun experience and ride.

20 minutes later, we arrived at the Domaine des Esserts and Domaine de Chafalet, where we got to meet two amazing and inspiring men. They both took over the wine and vineyards business of their respective families after many many generations (8 and 9!) and we could feel their strong sense of hospitality and their passion for their job. Truly inspiring!

As if their welcome wasn’t great enough, they made us taste a variety of their delicious wines and local food. It was SO good and tasty!!! At the end, we decided to buy them a few bottles because not only we love to support local businesses but we also had more than one crushes on their bottles of wine!

ALMA is a fusion of South American flavors and family-style dishes, providing a unique culinary experience.

After this amazing wine tasting experience, we drove back to our hotel by Tuk Tuk again. The traffic was a little crazy (as usual in Geneva) but we made it on time to get ready and go have dinner at my favorite restaurant in Geneva called Alma. It’s a Peruvian restaurant and the food is simply delicious, plus the interior design of the restaurant is really nice!

This was the end of our first day and what an adventure it’s been! We loved every second of it and I can only recommend this amazing experience to you, as the people we met where the kindest and the places we visited were truly wonderful.

Making our day unforgettable and rejuvenate ourselves at this incredible spa

On Sunday, we started our day with the most amazing 1h Stress-relieving massage we ever had at La Réserve Geneva. After all these intense weeks of work, I truly needed it and so did Carina as she devotes all her energy and time to her cutest baby, Aria, since she first saw the light this Summer.

After the massage, we enjoyed the spa a bit and really wished we could have stayed longer.

It was time to have brunch at the White Rabbit, a girly brunch spot in Geneva, with the yummiest avocado toasts!


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Geneva Amazing Experiences are mini-guides with an illustrated map of Geneva inside. With your Geneva Amazing Experience in your pocket, you can choose from a range of activities and surprising experiences, customized just for you, in 8 different languages! Download your map online or pick one up from Geneva's Tourist Information Service.

We LOVED our stay ! :)

This weekend would not have been the same without the amazing organization of Geneva Tourism team and all the incredible people we met through all the activities.

We are truly grateful to have been able to rediscover Geneva that way and for having been able to enjoy the offer "STAY 2 NIGHTS IN GENEVA – GET 100 CHF".

Hope you enjoyed this new blog post and that you will feel inspired to spend 2 nights with your loved ones, rediscovering Geneva, while staying at the most incredible hotels!

Big hugs,


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