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Paris Fashion Week with SWAROVSKI

Hello my little beauties! Hope you are doing well. I just got back from Paris, after spending three super fun days at Paris Fashion Week (PFW), discovering the gorgeous new #followthelight collections by Swarovski, along with 3 other lovely Swiss bloggers.

Paris Fashion Week 2019

I was supposed to attend Paris Fashion Week already last year as well but with MAC Cosmetics; attending fashion shows such as Elie Saab and a few others but I could not make it back then due to the organization of Baselworld for the fashion brand I used to previously work for. I was super sad to miss this super cool opportunity in 2018 but thought there would be more opportunities to come and guess what, I was right to stay positive! 🙂

About two weeks ago, I got invited by Swarovski to join them at the #PFW. I was super excited to finally go to my very first Fashion Week, especially that the other girls who also got invited are some of my favorite Swiss chicas bloggers!

Paris Fashion Week Swarovski

Bonjour Paris et Swarovski family!

We arrived in Paris on Thursday night and headed to Swarovski Atelier Showroom on Friday, late morning. I was so happy to see my girl, Daniela, again. Am so proud of her, she does an amazing job and so do her colleagues!

After a warm welcome by Swarovski family, we discovered the new collections, including stunning pieces made in collaboration with (la mujer mas guapa de España) Penelope Cruz! I really had a big big crush on this collection. The pieces and the design are simple stunning.


Another big crush was the #followthelight collections. I love the concept and the way both the clothes and the jewelry were presented. The mood board were absolute goals!

Paris Fashion Week Swarovski
Paris Fashion Week Swarovski

Although there are many stunning new sparkling pieces, I especially fell for the ones with moons, polar stars and the evil eyes pieces from the Magic Light by Nathalie Colin’s collections.

These sparkling pieces are super original and trendy. I simply LOVE them. I so wish I could just ring Swarovski and get to wear all of their pieces for the rest of the year! 🙂




Swarovski Street Style Photo Shoot in Paris

After the new collections presentation, we got ready for Swarovski’s official’s street style photo shoot. I was a bit nervous and really hoped I would not make weird faces (as I usually do on 95 pictures out of 100) or have some bad postures while getting photographed… Like having a sudden double chin or something… Haha

The photographer was SO nice, so it really helped me to feel more confortable. After all, I am NOT a fashion model (at all!), I am just a normal girl who started her blog 4 years ago, wearing a pyjama and a big messy bun! (Pretty much like right now, while am writing this post actually! haha) So yeah, shooting for such a big brand was a pretty big deal to me.

I cannot wait to see the results of the photo shoot we made with Swarovski. Am a bit nervous to be honest… Cause I am a true image control freak, especially when it comes to my brand image. (I wish there was a way I could add the “nerd emoji face” here!) Hihi

Anyways, stay tuned and you may see a part of my little face appearing on Swarovski’s official IG account soon, who knows.

A post shared by SWAROVSKI (@swarovski) on Mar 5, 2019 at 6:50am PST

PS: The minute I can get my hands on the evil eye key earrings am wearing on the picture below, I will be the happiest!



Thank you for reading mes petites beautés and I see you here again soon!

Bisous, Bisous!

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Mar 2, 2019 at 12:24am PST


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