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3 Must-Try Restaurants In Joo Chiat, Singapore


Singapore is known for its tasty food and one of my favorite spot for yummy discoveries is Joo Chiat Road.  This street has a particular charm as its architecture is colonial and really colorful. It is full of little coffee shops and restaurants, which make Joo Chiat a real hidden food and art jewel…

Eating is to Singaporeans what football is to Europeans, almost a national sport! Jokes apart, anyone visiting or living in Singapore must take part of this wonderful food culture and take this as an opportunity to try as much food as you can. Singapore to me is like the heaven of food, where food from the 5 continents somehow all meet in your plate in one country and bring happiness to a crazy fast-paced environment and hungry stomachs.

In this article, I will share with you 3 of the yummiest restaurants in Joo Chiat, a colorful and colonial street in Singapore.

1) Zaffron Kitchen

@ 135/137 East Coast Road, 428820, Singapore

Indian food is the BOMB! One of the greatest thing on this tiny island is that many Indians live here and share their culinary art and talents for the pleasure of all the lovers of tasty and colorful food out there. We went to have lunch at Zaffron Kitchen a few days ago on a Saturday and it has been a really pleasant experience. The food was really tasty and yummy! We had a platter of mixed meats accompanied with some nature and butter Nans and Biryani rice.


Just writing about it makes me wish I was back there and could reorder the exact same food! Apart from some places in Little India, this restaurant is definitely one of my favorite in SG! Additionally, the restaurant has a charming and welcoming atmosphere and a great style too. The staff was welcoming and the service was one of the best experienced in SG so far (not too difficult though as most of the places are pretty bad in term of service). I already look forward to our next visit there! 🙂

2) The Braisero

@ 333 Joo Chiat Road, 427588, Singapore

Only a few affordable places in SG offer really good meat quality, so I let you imagine how happy I was when I discovered some juicy steak pictures while randomly check-in on my Facebook feed… I really really was in deep need of some tasty and juicy steak and God knows their Argentinian meat did please me! At just S$19.90++, you get a delicious piece of meat served with a salad and yummy fresh French fries and this latter à volonter svp! 🙂


Ok, I must admit that the other really cool part is that it is a French restaurant so I was more than happy to get to finally speak my mother tongue again with some cool peeps and not hearing Chinese and receiving proper Ketchup and no Chili sauce for a change. The restaurant is quite small which makes it a cozy place and the staff is young and nice. If you feel like having some great Argentinian meat with your hubby or friends, the Braisero will be your happy place to go! 🙂 Bon appetit les amis and thank me later! 😉

3) Evertop Family Restaurant

@ 8 Joo Chiat Terrace, 427181, Singapore

This Malay Restaurant is a very typical place on Joo Chiat Road that looks like any other small restaurant where the food is yummy and cheap. If you go there, you must try their famous “Dinosaur drink” which basically is made of iced Milo (aka Nesquik chocolate milk powder with ice and a lot of powder on top for my fellow Europeans).

It may sound weird to order such a drink but it is almost a tradition here in Singapore and when I had it I felt like I was 6 years old again, although even at that age I would not order this kind of drink in a restaurant! I guess that’s the fun part of it! 🙂 In terms of food, their crispy lemon chicken rice and their steamed chicken rice are delicious! In total it costed us something like S$7 per person, so that was cheap and great!

I hope this post will be useful to you beautiful souls and feel free to leave a comment or click the heart button if this article inspired you! 🙂

Muaks, Muaks,



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