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5 Tricks to Say Goodbye to Jet Lag

I am calling all the frequent flyers out there, who often spend between 9 to 24 hours flying across the globe. Here are my 5 tips to say goodbye to jet lag for goods and which will help you to fully enjoy your future exciting adventure somewhere beautiful.

1) Adjust your bedtime

The week prior you jump in a plane, try to go to bed earlier if you will be flying to the east or set your bedtime later if you are traveling to the west. This will help you to get as close as possible to your future time zone. The same goes to your wake up time. Of course if you are flying from Miami to Sydney, you can’t change your schedule by 14 hours. However, by anticipating and setting your bedtime earlier or later, you will find it much easier to say goodbye to jet lag.

2) Drink water

Keeping well hydrated when traveling will help you say goodbye to jetlag. I agree that it is easier said than done as drinking lots of water can be quite annoying when flying, especially if your seat is by the window… However, try to drink often in the plane and it will really help you to say goodbye to jet lag.

3) Set your clocks to your new destination time

Every time I am about to board, I always set my watch to my new destination time. This helps you knowing when you should sleep and when it’s time to watch the latest movies.

4) Just Landed!

Once you’ve reached your destination, whether the sun is shining or the moon is glowing, I would suggest you to visit the city, hit the slopes or jump in the sea if it’s day time and chill and relax if it’s dark. If you are staying at a hotel and find it hard to fall asleep, hit the hotel’s gym if it has one. By following these advice, you will be awake or ready to fall asleep when you are supposed to.

5) Limit activities on the following two days

Whether you are traveling to study, for work or simply for a holiday, I would recommend you to avoid planning any important activity or conference the first two days after you arrived. Sometimes it is not possible due to busy schedules but try your best to take it easy.

What is your strategy to say goodbye to jet lag?

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