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6 Wanderlust Travel Essentials to Keep with You at All Times

Hi my Lovelies! Today, I am happy to share with you a new guest post written by Amy Mia. We hope you will enjoy discovering 6 Wanderlust Travel Essentials to Keep with You at All Times!

Packing for a trip can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t travel often. When you’ve been travelling more often, however, you learn a few tips and tricks along the way. There are things which you just can’t live without and which shouldn’t even leave your travel bag, but there are others you won’t use as often, but which you should still keep close by, just in case.

An emergency beauty kit

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Girls, you probably have your own beauty kit at home you have spent a lot of time and money assembling it. You have your set of lipsticks, nail polishes, foundations, and makeup brushes you cannot imagine your life without, but when you’re on the road, you should take a different approach. Always have a small bag filled with emergency makeup: BB cream, eyeliner, lipstick, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and makeup removal wipes. These are the bare necessities which will help you look great when you’re on the road, but won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

A travel pillow

You never know how you will travel next: will it be by train with your best friend? A road trip with your girlfriends? Will you take a plane to a romantic destination with that special someone, or will you board the bus and head to an adventure? Whatever means of transportation you choose, you will arrive at your destination dead tired and drained, unless you catch a few hours of blessed sleep while travelling. Inflatable, memory foam, one with a hoodie, or one in an unconventional shape – whatever your choice may be, make sure a travel pillow is always in your travel bag, so you can get some sleep.

A swimsuit

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Nov 11, 2017 at 7:14pm PST

When travelling to an exotic destination known for beautiful beaches, a nice swimsuit is obviously a must-have, but even if your destination isn’t too exotic, it’s good to have a swimsuit in your bag. It may be the midst of winter when you decide to travel, but remember that a number of great hotels have luxurious swimming pools you can use even if it’s snowing outside. Be prepared and buy great swimwear in advance, so that you can look great by the pool with a glass of wine, or sunbathing on the sand while azure waves lull you to sleep.

A first aid kit

If you use a particular painkiller when you have a headache, you have problems with digestion, or you’re allergic to something, you should bear in mind that your medicine may not be available in the place you’re travelling to. Having your own first aid kit with you will help you feel safer and be better prepared in case of emergency. Keep a pack of aspirin for your headache, something stronger for menstrual cramps, some band-aids, sharp tweezers, antiseptic wipes, and of course, condoms.

A set of comfy clothes

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Nov 10, 2017 at 2:49pm PST

Looking good is important, but being comfortable is even more so, especially when you have a long trip ahead of you. A set of comfy yet stylish clothes goes a long way in keeping you well-rested and comfortable, and you can use it later on too. A nice pair of sandals, leggings and a plain tee are great to travel in, but you can later wash the clothes and sleep in them if need be. A hoodie is a must-have too because it can keep you warm if you’re travelling during the night and it will not take up too much space in your bag, unlike a jacket.

A little black dress

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you never know if an occasion will present itself for you to go on a nice date, a fancy dinner, or to the movies. This is why a little black dress is always good to pack in your suitcase, along with a pair of comfy-yet-elegant sandals and a nice clutch bag. A little black dress is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing any girl can own, and you should keep one with you at all times. The best thing is you don’t even have to use a lot of accessories when wearing black: lipstick, shoes, or a belt in a bright color will be enough to make you stand out from the crowd and look elegant.

We are all different and we travel to different places, and before you start packing, do a bit of research and learn as much as you can about the place you’ll be staying in. Remember that it’s best to be safe than sorry, but that doesn’t mean your travel bag should weigh a hundred pounds. Prioritize your essentials and learn which pieces you can safely leave at home and which ones you’ll want close by.

This post has been written by Amy Mia for BellezaRebel. Amy Mia is an Aussie blogger in love with beauty and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all her passions and make blogging friends along the way. You can find Amy Mia on Facebook and Twitter.


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