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Barcelona: Top 12 Must Visit Places

Hello beautiful reader! For the past 26 years, I have been and lived in many cities around the globe but somehow I instantly felt a strong connection with beautiful Barcelona when I first visited it back in 2007. Ever since, every time I go back there, it’s magical. So this time, I’ve decided to share the Top 12 Must Visit Places with you, with the hope that you will discover something new to visit during your next trip there. Of course, you might have already visited or heard of some of these places but unless you are a local, you surely haven’t heard about my absolute favorite “Secret Place” in Barcelona yet. 😉

1) Eat and shop with locals at Sant Antoni Market

This market is similar to La Boqueria but is less known by tourists, so it’s a great option for you to eat fresh seafood and drink some refreshment with the lovely locals.


2) Wander and get lost in El Barrio Gotico

These streets are some of my favorites in Barcelona as the architecture is stunning. However, it can get pretty dangerous at night, thus I recommend you to wander there during the day and don’t forget to shop some cool stuff and have a yummy ice cream!


3) Fall in love with the architecture at El Passeig de Gracia


4) Get amazed by the colors, smells and flavors at La Boqueria

Although it is a pretty touristic market, you still should give it a try as you will find delicious fresh juices, Spanish specialties and yummy sweets (especially their Marzipan in shapes of fruits, Mario Kart and Ice creams!).

coco rebelista

5) Shop the latest fashion trends at Portal de l’Àngel


6) Zigzag between the tourists on La Rambla

I am not a big fan of La Rambla as it is always over crowded but it is a nice walk if you go all the way down from Plaça Catalunya to the Mediterranean Sea.


7) Soak up the sun, get on your bicycle and wander between the palm trees at the Port Olympic and Barceloneta

coco rebelista

8) Run in the middle of the doves and enjoy the architecture all around you at Plaça Catalunya

9) Climb all the way up to the magical El Bunker view point

El Bunker is mainly known by locals and it is my absolute favorite “Secret Place” in Barcelona. Here you will get totally amazed by the view, so take lots of pictures and thank me later! 😉


10) Spend a romantic sunset moment at Montjuic


11) Jump in the sea and get sun-kissed at Playa de Castelldefels

If you are like me and tend to avoid the super busy beaches (to be polite and not say “hate being in the middle of a touristic crowd”), I suggest you to rent a car and escape the hectic Barcelona beaches to enjoy some relaxing time at Playa de Castelldefels. Once you are there have a mojito and some tapas at one of their beach clubs like el Tiburon or Enjoy Beach! 🙂

coco rebelista

12) Discover Gaudi’s Colorful Mosaic architecture and enjoy the view at el Park Guël


What’s your favorite place in Barcelona?

Muaks, Muaks



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