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Best venues for an expats’ night out in Singapore

Hey beautiful souls! Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite venues for an expats’ night out in Singapore. Although I no longer live there, I do miss Singapore a lot! Especially the lifestyle we had there.

So who can live well and happily in Singapore without having a fun expats night out every now and then?

Although we are all working with lots of things to manage on our plate, we all deserve a little party as this never hurt anybody!

With many restaurants and bars starting their happy hours right after you knock off, you can easily relax after a crazy day of work with your expats friends. And if you feel like partying the night away like you used to when you turned 20, then no need to stay in the same bar all night, move around and have some well-deserved drinks with your expats friends!


I could not write this article without including Bob’s Bar at Capella Singapore and it is not because I worked there, but because of how beautiful and amazing this almost 6* hotel is! Capella Singapore is THE best hotel of Singapore for many reasons. So, if you love meat and a superb atmosphere, I would highly recommend you to have a grandiose dinner with your expat friends at Bob’s Bar on any Friday’s Cuban nights! You will be enchanted by the high food, cocktails and service quality!

capella singapore
bob's bar capella singapore


Enjoy some quality time with your expats friends at the highest bar in the city, a drink in one hand, listening to your favorite songs, all this with a view!

1 Altitude

LANTERN @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

What a better place to enjoy some mojitos at Lantern bar with a view! Lantern is definitely one of my favorite venues for an expats’ night out in Singapore. By the way, the main picture above is the view once the doors of the elevator open on the rooftop! I just love this place so much!

coco rebelista


Have a chic, trendy and relaxing night out at Privé Chijmes. You will love their menu and will feel enchanted with the fairy lights that surround this gorgeous venue.



Because sometimes you might just feel like you need to take your expats friends away from the city and have some fun at a hype beach club on Sentosa Island! Cheers and don’t forget to try their yummy desserts!

singapore beach club


Here I will just let the below picture of Cloud 9 Pool & Bar speak for itself! I mean can we go back there like right now?



Cocobolo is your perfect match if you and your expats friends are looking for a poolside bar & grill! Both their seafood and meat are fresh, juicy and tasty!

bbq singapore

Find out more on Singapore here:

Now cheers and if your Singaporean friends don’t find these places too “Ang moh” bring them with you! 🙂

Muaks, Muaks



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